The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


9. chapter eight Truth or Dare

The week went by fast and the twins found themselves resting at their home with the whole group.

“So did anyone else notice the elderly lady watching us throughout the movie?” Jake ask the group with a straight face.

“Yeah I did. I think she was looking for zombies.” Brittany says with a serious look on her face that causes the group to burst out in fits of laughter.

“Britt I don’t think she was looking for zombie.” Santana replies to the blonde with a sweet smile upon her face.

“Oh the she was waiting for her date Brittany’s grandpa.” Noah replies sarcastically.

“No, babe I think she was just making sure we weren’t to loud during the movie.” Naya replies as she walks over to Brittany and hugs her making her smile.

“So anyone up for a game of truth or dare?” Chris ask with an evil grin.

“I am dude!” Nathaniel replies while everyone else nods

“Can I go first?” Victoria ask batting her eyes.

“Of course you can Tori.” Nathaniel says replying quickly to his girlfriend.

“Thanks Nate. Okay San truth or dare?” Victoria asks looking at her Latina friend.

“Totally dare.” San replies speedily.

“Okay,” Victoria thinks for a second. “I dare you to drink the pickle juice from the pickle jar.” She dares.

Santana gags before going into the kitchen and grabbing the pickle jar. She walks back into the living room and sits down amongst her friends.

“Drink it, Drink it” Victoria says with an evil grin.

Santana takes a sip and starts coughing at the sour tangy taste of the fluids running down her throat. After she finishes drinking the pickle juice she glares at Victoria.

“Tori truth or dare?” Santana ask Victoria.

“I pick dare.” Tori replies.

“Um.. Okay I dare you to eat mustard on vanilla ice cream.” Santana says with a smirk.

“You don’t have any ice cream.” Victoria replies with a smug smile.

“Actually Naya bought some last night.” Santana replies with a triumphant smirk.

Victoria groans and puts her head in her hands.

“Why couldn’t I just have chosen truth?” She asks herself in a hopeless whisper.

“Maybe ‘cause ya don’t wanna be a chicken.” Olivia replies in her British accent.

“Don’t make fun of chickens.” Brittany says with a very adorable pout.

Everyone stops and looks at Brittany before bursting out laughter.

“I don’t get it.” Brittany says tilting her head to the side with a confused expression.

“It’s nothing Britt.” Santana replies with a smile at her ditzy friend.

Victoria stands up and walks into the kitchen making herself a bowl of vanilla ice cream with mustard on it.

Victoria walks back into the living room and sits next to Nathaniel.

“Can’t I switch to truth.” Victoria pleads with Santana who only shakes her head no.

“Tori just eat it.” Nathaniel says in an annoyed tone.

“Excuse you?” Victoria asks in an angry tone of voice.

“I mean it’s no that bad.” Nathaniel rushes out quickly.

Santana makes a cracking noise in perfect synchronization with Naya’s whip movements.

 “Somebody’s whipped.” Noah taunts his best friend before getting punched in the arm by Nathaniel.

“You’re one to talk.” Dale says with an evil grin.

“Guys let’s get on with the dare.” Olivia says getting bored with the conversation.

Samantha gives Victoria a sympathetic smile.

Victoria slowly starts eating the mustard covered ice cream.

Noah starts clapping followed by the rest of the group when Victoria finishes the ice cream.

“You did great Tori.” Naya says with a smile.

Victoria smiles and then gags at the taste in her mouth.

“Here.” Santana says handing Victoria a Sierra Mist.

“That tastes nasty.” Victoria says after taking a big gulp of the Sierra Mist.

“Okay who is next?” Noah asks.

Victoria looks at him and grins. “Noah truth or dare?” she ask

“I will go with….Um truth.” Noah replies unsurely

Naya leans over and whispers in Victoria’s ear causing her to smirk.

“Okay.. Who was your first kiss?” Victoria ask still smirking

Noah looks around nervously before answering. “My first kiss was Hannah!”

Naya looks at him shocked “You told me I was your first kiss.” She says in a whisper.

“Well you were I didn’t count Hannah as my first kiss.” Noah replies.

“Wait but I’m an awesome kisser.” Hannah replies in an offended tone.

“Yeah but I was in love with Naya.” Noah replies smiling lovingly at Naya.

“Kiss up.” Naya says jokingly.

“Only to you baby.” Noah replies with a goofy grin.

Chris looks at Noah before hitting him upside the head. “Stop being so cheesy dude.” He says.

All of the boys except Mike and Noah nod.

“We like being cheesy with our girls.” Mike says in an offended voice.

“Dude chill it was a joke.” Nathaniel says once Victoria hits him on the back of the head.


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