The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


2. Chapter 1 The beginning

Chapter One


It was six o’clock on a Monday on August 25th. Seventeen year old Naya Elizabeth Jones had just awoken to her alarm clock. She had to get ready for the first day of senior year. She couldn’t wait to meet up with all of her friends. It was a few minutes after she had gotten out of bed, and taken a quick shower when her twin sister Santana Rose Jones walks into her room.

“Hey, Naya you ready to go?” Santana asks fixing her ponytail.

“Hang on San.” Naya says fixing her Southside High School Wolverines cheerleading uniform.

“Ay dios mio.” Santana says walking behind Naya and pulling her long dark brown hair into a ponytail.

“Don’t go all Spanish on me!” Naya replies.

“Okay let’s go.” Santana says pulling Naya to the living room where their adoptive parents are watching the six o’clock news.

“Morning Jack and Maria.” Santana and Naya say as they enter the kitchen grabbing two apples.

“Morning girls.” Maria and Jack reply.

“We are heading to school!” Naya yells as both her and Santana grab their backpacks and run out the door to Santana’s black Lamborghini GT.

Santana turned to look at Naya after getting into her car.

“Ready to rock our last year of high school?” Santana asks

“Heck yeah!” Naya answers.

Santana laughs and starts her car and pulls out of the drive way, heading to school.

As soon as they get to school they see Victoria Anne White one of their best friends getting off of her pink Ducati.

“Hey baby V!” Santana shouts.

“Hey S!” Victoria shouts walking over to them.

“Wow don’t I get a hi?” Naya says once Victoria reaches them.

“Sorry. Hey Nay.” Victoria replies laughing.

“Hey Tori don’t rhyme my name.” Naya says with a poutly face.

All of a sudden Naya is in tight arms and in the air.

“Britt! Put me down!” Naya squeals while Victoria and Santana laugh.

“I missed you Nay!” Brittany says once she puts Naya down, but continues to hug her.

“I missed ya too B, but you need to let me go.” Naya replies trying to catch her breath.

“Hey guys!” Olivia another one of their friends yells running up to them.

“Hey where is Hannah?” Naya asks once Olivia gets to them.

“She had to wait for Noah.” Olivia answers while Brittany picks her up and hugs her.

“Did you know ponies are just gay horses?” Brittany asks causing her friends who had just arrived with Noah to burst out laughing.

Dale walks up and wraps his arms around Santana’s waist.

“Hey babe Whatcha laughin’ about?” He asks after kissing Santana’s cheek.

“Britt said dolphins are gay sharks.” Santana replies snuggling into Dale.

Jake, Mike, Lucas. Nathaniel, Kaleb, Taylor and Samantha finally walk up to the group.

“Hey guys.” They say as they get there.

“Hey.” Everyone replies while hugging them.

“What has everyone been up to?” Samantha asks.

“I went to the mall with Tana.” Naya replies.

“You also almost broke me.” Santana says laughing.

“Omg! I saw ducks at the duck pond!” Brittany exclaims excitement clear in her voice.

“The rest of us did pretty much nothing.” Olivia says in her very thick British accent.

Naya pokes Santana in the side and then runs off with her fiery Latina sister following.

“You’ll never catch me alive!” Naya yells as she runs around Brittany who picks her up and spins her around.

“Nooooo!” Naya screams when Santana grabs her legs.

“Guys should I tickle her or have Brittany throw her skinny butt in the air and do the cradle hold?” Santana says causing everyone to laugh.

“Brittany should throw her in the air and then do the cradle hold.” Olivia says with an evil grin.

“I like the way you think Livia.” Santana says with a huge grin.

“Britt throw Naya in the air and then cradle hold.” Santana says with a sweet smile to her blonde best friend.

Brittany smiles sweetly and then tosses a very poutly Naya into the air. Then catching her in a cradle hold. Everyone starts laughing when Brittany sits Naya down and she stumbles a bit.

“I hate you all except Britt right now.” Naya says once she is standing straight.

Brittany smiles brightly and hugs Naya tightly.

“My arm.” Naya mumbles into Brittany’s neck.

“Oh sorry.” Brittany says with a frown and puts Naya down.

“It’s fine Britt.” Naya says sending Brittany a wide smile.

“So who is your teacher?” Santana asks looking at everyone.

“I have Mr. James.” Naya says.

“Me too.” Nathaniel, Samantha, Olivia, Jake, and Lucas say in unison.

“I have Mrs. Evenson.” Santana says.

“Me too.” Hannah, Victoria, Brittany, Dale, and Chris say in unison.

“I have Ms. Young.” Says Noah.

“Me too.” Says Kaleb and Taylor.

“Great we should head to homeroom.” Victoria says with a smile.

“But I don’t know how to get to my homeroom.” Brittany says with a confused look.

“Don’t worry B, I will walk you to class.” Santana says linking pinkies with Brittany while holding Dale’s hand.

“Thanks S.” Brittany says with a huge smile as they walk away.

“Come on Green eyes.” Lucas says smiling at Samantha.

“Coming brown eyes.” Samantha says grabbing his hand and walking to homeroom along with everyone else.



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