The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


9. Chapter 9:

Chapter 9:

I wake up and hear my phone ringing. What the hell? What time is it? It's only Saturday... I snatch my phone from my bedside table and answer the call, "Hello?" I sleepily say

"Hey, love." Zayn...

"What do you want? Do you have any idea what time it is? It's only-" I check my clock, "-5 in the damn morning."

"I know, I just need to hear your voice again." he chuckles

"Well, you can talk to me and see me later. I'm tired so I'm gonna sleep."

"With me." I can sense the smile through the phone


"I'm outside."

"What the hell?" I jump out of bed and run to my window. I throw it open and poke my head outside, looking at the front door. He really is here...

I hang up the phone and whistle at him. He snaps his head in my direction, "What the hell are you doing here?!" I whisper yell

"I got lonely, so I came here." he shrugs, walking over to me. His hair was all over the place, as if he was constantly running his fingers through it

"You want to climb through the window? Cause I'm not getting the door." I say opening both my windows.

"Damn... This is sexy." Zayn chuckles

"What is?" I step away from the window as he climbs in

"Jumping in through your window so I can sleep with you." he cheekily grins

"Whatever..." I roll my eyes

Zayn throws off his jacket and it lands on the chair I have to cover up my old guitar. His shirt follows his jacket and I try to cover myself because I've only got on my underwear and a shirt that fits around my body, and the worst is that I'm not wearing a bra. I try to cover my chest as I pull down my shirt and cover my underwear at the same time. Zayn walks over to me and takes my hands in his, intertwining our fingers, "Don't ever feel shy." he says, kissing my hands. He leads me to the bed and I lie down. He tucks me in before taking off his pants and jogging over to the other side of the bed crawling in. Our fingers lock and our legs tangle in each others. I softly peck his lips. Simple, but effective (A/N: Who knows where that line is from? Comment if you do! ;P). Zayn pulls me closer to him and I bury my head in the crook of his neck. He starts rubbing small circles at the bottom of my back and I slowly drift back into my sleep.

***Zayn's P.O.V.***

I woke up and search for that small body that was so close to me, but isn't there anymore. I sit up and rub my eyes. It's around 10 so I get up and put my pants and shirt on. I walk out of the room and I hear voices in the kitchen. I walk down the hall and see Madeline and Abigail talking. Abbie has her back to me but when Madeline sees me, she smiles a cheeky smile, "What?" Abigail looks at her then turns around and sees me, "Oh, hey, you're up." she walks over to me and hugs me, "I made breakfast for you." she smiles up at me.

"Thank you, love." I say. At the corner of my eye, I see Madeline shift uncomfortably.

"Umm... I'm gonna go out for a bit. See you guys later." she says before running out the door

"Is she okay?" I ask Abbie, slightly worried

"Yeah, she's fine. Just getting over a few problems..." she sighs

"Tonight, I'll take you out on a proper date." I hug her tightly

"Taking me to that club where you work was an amazing date! I loved it and enjoyed it." she kisses my cheek and I let her go

"What's for breakfast? Same as last time?" I ask

"Yep, but this time, no tea, only orange juice." she walks over to the dining table

"What am I? A kid?" I joke

"You act like one sometimes." she smirks

God... her little smiles, her laugh, her eyes, everything about her makes me feel all warm inside. I love everything about her. I love everything she does, but I notice that she covers up my mark. Why does she do that? I want everyone to know that she's mine.

I sit down on a seat and Abigail starts to walk away but I gesture for her to come a little closer to me. She hesitantly comes closer, but when she's in arm range for me, I take her wrist and pull her to me, making her come to eye level with me, "Don't cover it up. I want people to know that you're mine." I say, removing the strands of hair that were around her neck.

"But what if people think bad about me? That I'm some kind of slut?" she says

"Why would they think like that, love?" I ask her, slightly confused

"Well...because you're Zayn Malik, Bradford's Bad Boy, and who am I? Since you a bad reputation, no offense, but they might think that I'm just another girl that you sleep with." she admits

"Screw them. They don't know about us. And they sure as hell have no right to judge you." I look at her in the eyes and hope she understands. She smiles so I guess she does. I kiss her and let go of her wrist. She walks into the kitchen and grabs our food. She hands me my plate and juice and she sits down next to me with her food. She looks so cute and somewhat punkie today with her black skinnies, like a neon pink top and neon pink high-top Converse. She's so...original and I love that about her. She never wears makeup, but when she does, it's very light. She's not like any other girl I've been with that's all fake with their cake faced makeup and tanning cream that makes their skin orange.

I finished my plate and placed it in the sink. I don't want to leave my angel, but there are some things I need to do. Like deal with Eddie and Chris, "I gotta go, love. I'll pick you up at around 8, okay?" I say, pecking her cheek

"No prob. See you later. I gotta go find Maddy anyways." she shrugs, placing her plates in the sink. We walk out the door together, but before Abigail got into her car, I slapped her bum. A playful action of mine, "What was that for?!" she shrieks, blushing a dark shade of red

"That was for yesterday and this morning." I wink at her and she get into her car, smiling. I hop into my car and drive off.

Shit. I've got to meet Chris again. Sort all this shit out with Eddie... If I can.

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