The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


8. Chapter 8:

When my clothes were washed and dried, Zayn waited for me to get ready so he could drive me home. The car ride is shadowed over by an awkward silence. What was going on between Eddie and Zayn? It's really bothering me. I mean Eddie suddenly comes out of nowhere, early in the morning, and barges into Zayn's house and they start arguing. Now it is really bothering me, and before I know it my mouth betrays me, "What happened?"

"With what?" Zayn asks confused

"With you and Eddie." Zayn's whole body tenses

"It was something that happened a long time ago and I don't really want to talk about it."

"I understand." I drop my head and fiddle with my fingers

"Look, I know you're curious, and I want to tell you, but neither of us are ready for that." "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Never mind."


We reach my flat and Zayn parks on the other side of the street. I'm about to step out of the car when Zayn grabs my arm, "Wait." I close the door and frown at him "What's wrong?" I ask

"Nothing, just get on my lap."


Zayn pats his legs and grins at me "C'mon love, don't be shy." I hesitantly climb over onto Zayn's lap with my legs on either side of him. We look at each other for a little bit then I softly grip onto Zayn's varsity jacket and softly tug on it. I look down at Zayn's jacket that has the letter 'M' on the left side. I look back up and meet Zayn's hazel eyes, whose were already staring at me. His hand were placed at the bottom of my back and they slowly move down to my bum. I run my fingers though Zayn's head and stop at the back of his head and push it up so his lips meet mine. His hands cup my cheeks and pushes me towards him. In the kiss, Zayn's tongue begs for an entrance, but I tease him, "Don't tease me, Abbie." Zayn mumbles in the kiss and I let his tongue in. Our lips move in sync and our tongues dance then I pull away, breathing heavily and he roughly pushes me against him and starts kissing my neck, "I want you, Abbie. I want you so badly." he whispers into my ear then kisses my sweet spot. I let out a low moan of pleasure and grab onto the door handle with my other hand on the back of Zayn's head, playing with his hair. Zayn's breathing heavily but is still kissing my neck. He moves up my neck and kisses my sweet spot then back down again and bites into the sensitive skin, just like on the day we met. Once he made his mark, he pulled away and admires his work, "Damn! It looks so good on you!" he smirks and I smile. Zayn smashes his lips into mine then allows his tongue entrance into my mouth once more, "I love your smile." he murmurs in the kiss. I make an appreciating humming sound. Then Zayn's hips start to move back and forth. Moans are escaping my mouth through the kiss. We only stop our kiss for air. My moans of pleasure are becoming more persistent with Zayn's movements, "Z-Zayn... I-I can't. Stop, please." Zayn stops his movements and pulls away from the kiss, "Why don't I take you out on a real date? Not to my work." He says breathlessly. We're both kinda out of breath.

"Sure, but when? And please tell me where we're gonna go." I almost plead the last sentence

"No, love. It's a surprise." he cheekily smiles

"Fine." I pout and open the door then jump out, but before I close the door, I kiss Zayn. Just a simple kiss. I see Zayn form a smile before I close the door. I walk around the front of the car and wink at Zayn through the windshield then cross the street. Just before I open the door to the flat, I feel my phone buzz in my purse, I pull out my phone. A text from...Zayn?

From: Zayn

You really do have a nice ass ;)

I look at Zayn who's smiling in the car. I stick my tongue out and walk into the flat. I stop by the kitchen and see Madeline stuffing herself with chocolates, "Maddy?! What the hell has gotten into you?!" I snatch the chocolates away from her and throw them onto the counter, "Get a hold of yourself! You're gonna face lots of break-ups in your life so toughen up!" I yell at her, maybe a little too loud because a tear falls down her cheek, "I'm not like you!" She yells back. What am I doing...? Madeline is so sensitive, every shout scares her and in times like now make her cry

"Maddy, I'm-" I try to hug her but she pushes my hand away and storms into her room, locking it behind her.

Ugh...She really can over re-act sometimes. I smack my forehead and grab a glass of water. A few seconds later, Madeline walks out of her room, "Water." she says whilst taking a glass. I grab her shoulders and spin her around to face me, "I'm sorry. I never should have yelled at you." I look into her brown eyes, only feeling more upset with myself for over re-acting.

"I love you, Abbie." she says before hugging me

"I love you too."

"I'm the one who should be apologizing to you. I'm sorry, I never should have gone home with that bastard, Bob." she hesitated a bit before she said his name, "You've always been there for me, all throughout my life. After all the shit we've been through, we did it together " she starts sobbing into my shirt

"I know, I know. It's okay." I say rubbing her back

After a few minutes of standing there, Madeline pulls away and looks at me, "So," she starts pulling a cheeky smile, "tell me everything that happened with Zayn."

I let out a sigh, "Go wash your face, then I'll tell you."

"Deal!" she says before running off to the bathroom.

Once she got back, we sat down on the couch and I told her everything that had happened, but leaving out the part when Eddie and Zayn got into a fight.

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