The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


4. Chapter 4:

***Later that day***

I get out of my shower and see my phone blinking on the sink. I pick up my phone to see who the text message is from. It's Zayn

From: Zayn:

I wanna take you out tonight.

To: Zayn:

Where do you wanna take me?

I quickly text back

From: Zayn:

You finally replied. I was wondering what was taking you so long ;)

To: Zayn


From: Zayn:

Nice... ;)

To: Zayn:

Where do you want to take me?

From: Zayn

Somewhere nice... Be ready by 9 o'clock. I'll come pick you up.

To: Zayn:


I walk out of the bathroom I checked the time, it was quarter to seven. I have a lot of time. I throw my phone on the bed and head to my closet. Then at the corner of my eye, I see my phone blinking once again

From: Zayn:

Sexy clothes. Nothing less. Maybe more. ;)

I let out a sigh. I'm scared of Zayn but I need him. Maybe it's because I'm scared of him makes me want him more. He's my only sense of security, especially from my dark past.

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