The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


3. Chapter 3:

***2 days later***

It's my first day at work in the radio station. The place is filled with awesome types of music. As I look through the wide selection of CDs, I think about how happy Madeline is with her new boyfriend, the security guard from the  club. She introduced me properly to him. HIs name was Bob Wilson. He seemed like a good guy, but he's so much older than us, he's 25. I'm still uncomfortable around him. The way he looks at me is just...creepy.

For the past two days, I couldn't stop thinking about Zayn. I know that he's a bad boy, his nickname in Bradford is literally Bradford Bad Boi and he's picked a number of fights with gangs, but I really feel safe around him. The way his arm wrapped around my waist and how he didn't want to leave me. I didn't know that there was somebody behind me until they called my name, "Hey Abigail." it's Bob

"Hey. What's up? Where's Maddy?" I ask confused. They're always together and she would never send him to pick me up from work alone...right?

"Yeah, about that. She couldn't come with me because she had to run some errands, so, she sent me to get you."

"Well why didn't she call?"

"Her phone died." Bob said it more like a question that it did of a statement, which didn't help to convince me.

"It's alright. I'll just walk home." I check the time and it's almost 5pm, "Don't you have to get to work soon?" I ask

"Yeah, but I don't mind dropping you off first and plus, the flat is on my way."

That was true. So I guess it's okay, "Alright. Let's go." I say goodbye to my fellow co-workers and sign out. I follow Bob to his black SUV that's parked in an alley way. Suddenly, I feel Bob grab my arm and push me up against the wall, "Bob, what the hell are you doing?" I say as his hands grab my bum and he slightly squeezes

"Just hold still babe and this won't hurt a bit." he says as he moves pieces of hair away from my face, and tucking them behind my ear. He sees the horrid love bite that Zayn left upon my neck, "Who the hell did that?" Bob says angrily. I try to cover up the mark but Bob pushes my hand away, "Bob, please get off of me!" I yell as I try to push him away, but I soon regret it because I feel a sharp pain on my cheek. Bob had slapped me, hard, "Hold still. I wanna make this quick you little bitch!" he yells in my ear as he starts to grind against me. I need help. My attempts to break free are failing. I close my eyes and open my mouth, about to scream for help when Bob gets ripped off of me. I opened my eyes to see who saved me. It's Zayn, "Don't touch her." he says through gritted teeth. Bob was on the floor, shocked. He started to get up but Zayn threw a punch at his face and knocked him back down again, "Zayn!" I yell. I'm about to grab his arm but his fist smashes into Bob's face, again and again, "Zayn stop! Don't kill him!" I try once more and grab his arm before he could punch Bob's disfigured face once more

"This bastard deserves to die!" he says, not making eye contact with me

"But not like this."

Zayn stands up and takes my hand, "I'm gonna take you home."

"Wait." I say as I rip my hand out of Zayn's grasp and walk back to Bob's moaning body then bend down to him, "Don't ever come near Maddy or me ever again. Do you understand?" He nods and I ball my fist then punch Bob right in the nose, breaking it for sure. I get up and walk over to Zayn, who is smiling and trying not to laugh, "I thought you didn't want to kill him." he says

"I don't. I just broke his nose...and his dignity." I say then Zayn burst out laughing, "I'm walking home, bye."

"N-no. Ok, sorry. I'll drive you home."

As Zayn drove, he would laugh every now and then. I noticed that his knuckles had small cuts and were starting to swell up from the punches. He noticed that I was staring at his hands and reassures me, "It's nothing. Don't worry about it." he says and smiles at me then turns his attention back to the road.

When we reach the flat, Zayn parks his car on the other side of the street. I get out of the car and Zayn walks me to the door. Once I open it, Zayn turns around to leave but I grab his hand and pull him inside then throw him down on the couch, "Stay there." I say then I search the bathroom for bandages and medical cream. I call Madeline and ask her when she gets back so I can talk to her about Bob. I get the bandages and cream then walk back to the living room. I sit down next to Zayn and gesture for him to give me his hand and he slowly obeys, "Why are you doing this?" he asks me

"Why shouldn't I?"

"You ran away from my house and climbed up a tree get even further away. Now you're helping me and we're all alone in your house."

"You almost beat a man half to death and your knuckles are all bloody. I should help you."

"Do I scare you?"

I look up and find him staring at me dead in the eyes. He's serious about this question. He scared me but I feel like I need him with me. I finished bandaging his hands and he automatically puts them work. He grabs my waist and pulls me on top of him, "Do I?" his eyes never leave mine, he wants an answer. Suddenly, Madeline walks in on us, "OMG... Am I interrupting something?" she says while smiling

"No you weren't. I was" I suddenly forgot what I was doing, then I look down at Zayn's hands, "I was just bandaging Zayn's hands."

"Oh ok." Madeline says

I remember that I'm sitting on top of Zayn so I quickly roll off and sit beside him, "Um... I'll go to my room.  You two can stay here" Madeline says as she walks off to her room

"No, no. This is your house, I'll leave." Zayn gets up and starts walking for the door. Madeline gestures for me to lead him out. I let out a sigh then I get up walk and over to Zayn. I lead him down the hallway and to the door. We both stop in front of the door then turn to face each other. I drop my head, looking for something to look at on the floor. I feel Zayn cup my chin with his large, warm hands. I look up at him then he leans down and places a long, lingering kiss on my lips. I feel his hand travel down to the back pocket of my jeans. He grabs my phone and steps back from the kiss, leaving me standing there shocked and wanting more. He does something with my phone, maybe giving me his number and taking mine, then returns it to where he found it and giving my bum a little squeeze. He chuckles a little bit when I jump, "Thanks." he says

"F-for what?" I ask trying to get my thoughts straight

"For bandaging my hands."

I look down at the floor again, then I feel Zayn's arms snake around my body and kisses my forehead. He opens the door and walks out, "Bye." I say when he's down the steps

"Bye love." he replies

When he crossed the street and drove away, I close the door and lean my back against it. My finger find their way up to my lips. Zayn's kiss clearly left a message, I'm here to stay.

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