The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


20. Chapter 20:

Chapter 20:

"I-I love you." I whisper, but loud enough for him to hear. I've finally said it to him. It feels like a weight has lifted off my chest. I wait for his reply to those three words

"I love you too, Abbie.'' He whispers and we both smile. He leans in and passionately kisses me. He climbs on top of me, not breaking out kiss. I wrap my arms around the back of Zayn's neck and we slowly sit up. I straddle Zayn as his fingers run through my hair. Our tongues dance then Zayn moves down to my neck and kisses my sweet spot. I let out a low moan of pleasure and his kiss becomes a little sloppy as he kisses my neck. He bites into the sensitive skin then kisses it again, "I love you." He whispers and I moan again. He gently pulls away the straps of my bikini and then pulls it away completely. He presses our bare chests together and gets up from the cabana. I wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me inside then places me on the bed. I let out a little giggle as I play with the waistband of his swim trunks, teasingly pulling on it. He smiles then slides of my bikini bottoms, kissing my inner thighs and making his way up my torso then to my lips. I slowly take off Zayn's trunks and toss them to the side.

"I love you so fucking much.'' Zayn whispers

"I love you too." I whisper back

Zayn slowly thrusts into me, pleasure coursing through my body, "No one can ever make love to you like I can." Zayn states in my ear then kisses my lips again, but staying there

"Harder, Zayn. Please." I plead and he does as I said. He thrusts a little deeper but keeping the same steady pace. I moan, "Zayn..." He name slips my mouth and I can feel him smirk against my lips

He grabs both of my wrists in one hand and places them above my head whilst his other hand rests on my hip.

"Harder..." I plead again and Zayn hesitates a bit

"Are you sure?" He asks me, breaking our kiss

"Yes. Please, just do it.'' He does. He thrusts a little harder and faster, "Zayn!" I moan a little louder

"Baby, I'm almost there." He says

After I few more thrusts we both reach our climax. Zayn thrusts a few more times before exiting me and falling down beside me. We slip into the covers and cuddling with each other instantaneously.

"I love you, Zayn." I whisper, for the third time tonight. But those three words have a lot of meaning. And now, I don't know where they'll lead us.

"I love you too, Abbie.'' He kisses my forehead and I slowly drift off, but before I enter complete darkness, I begin to wonder where my phone is...



Short chappy but filled with lots of love!!! XD

I'm in the twenties!!! Yay! Btw... I'm writing my drafts on notebooks and I'm like on Chapter 50 (teehee, I gave you a sneak peek about my book ;P) so, I paused that and when I'm around there, I'll start writing again. My fingers have little muscles from writing so much! Jk. I'll see... It's kinda an addiction to write... Maybe I will continue writing... I don't know. Anyways, enjoy.

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Luv you all!

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