The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


2. Chapter 2:

Zayn's house was the cleanest house that I've ever seen, well, for a guy. As we walk down the hallway from the door to the living room, Zayn pins me up against the wall and gets straight down to business, planting sloppy wet kisses all over my neck. He puts his large hands on my hips and pulls me close to his, he then started to grind against me, "Please Zayn... Don't do this to me..." I struggle out but Zayn's reply was only to grind harder. I could feel his bulge press into me as his hot breath came down onto my face in short puffs.

Why was I letting him do this to me?

I can't take it anymore.

I placed my hands on Zayn's chest in a desperate attempt to push him away, but it was no use. He was to strong for my petite body. I kept trying to push him away then finally, he gives in and steps away from me, breathing hard. His hazel eyes never left my blue ones. In Zayn's eyes, I saw something, like a spark and a little bit of softness. I can't explain it. His intimidating, tall figure shadowed over me. I was scared of this boy, but some part of me But that's it, I'm not gonna let this guy take over me so easily. I won't go down without a fight.

I bolted down the hallway and to the door, only to find it locked. Of course. I'm locked inside Zayn's house.

From down the hallway, I could see the huge grin that was plastered onto Zayn's face and it made me worry a little. I see him turn around and starts to walk over to me, my back is up against the wall. Now, I was really screwed. I hear Zayn let out a deep chuckle when he got me cornered, but I'm not giving up, not now. When Zayn was really close to me, he put his hands on the wall on either side of my head, thinking that he has me absolutory cornered, but I have one idea in my head that I have used multiple times in situations like this. I drop down to the floor then went on all fours and -thank god- Zayn's legs were spread apart, wide enough for me to crawl through. Just as my right foot was going through his legs, Zayn closed them. I cursed under my breath and wiggled my foot around, trying to get through his strong legs. Finally, for a brief moment, Zayn opens his legs so he could turn around to catch me but I get up and scramble away. I jumped down the thee stair steps that led to the living room. I scan the room trying to look for away out. My eyes fall upon a door handle that led outside to the backyard. I grab the door handle and look back at the hallway and see Zayn standing on top of the stairs, smiling, knowing at the fact that he knew that there was no where left for me to run. I turn the doorknob expecting to find it locked, but to my surprise, it was unlocked. Yes! I bolted out the door with Zayn hot on my heels. I jump over the fence and into the front yard. I hear Zayn laughing so hard behind me.

What the hell?

Why is he laughing?

Then it occured to me. He found this fun! He liked to chase me.

As I ran down the street, I searched the place to see if there was any place to hide. I see a large maple tree at the end of the street. It's a perfect place to hide. I sprint down the street and just before I start to climb up the tree I make the bad mistake of looking behind me. Zayn isn't behind me anymore...

Where is he?

Does that mean I lost him...?

Either way, I still climb the tree, waiting for him to come. Now I'm really scared because Zayn wasn't behind me. He's nowhere to be seen... So I just sit in the tree, waiting for him to come around the corner. I waited for minutes and mintues... Suddenly I feel someone climbing up the tree. I look down and see Zayn climbing the tree with a stupid grin on his face.

Dammit! Now I was really screwed... I'm up in a tree with a perverted guy climbing up to me. There was only one option left...jump... But I can't. It's to far down, so my  only choice is to wait. All I can ever do is wait.

I feel a hand grip my thigh, which brings me back to reality, "Hello love." I hear Zayn's deep voice ring in my ears, "You put on one hell of a chase." he says while winking at me, "I like that..."  he tries leaning in for a kiss but I push him away, "Who's gonna get down first?" I say

"Me." he replies with a sad look on his face then he starts climbing down. I was scared that this was a trick but he started walking in the other direction. Back to his house.

I took a taxi ride home, and even around 1 o'clock, the streets of Bradford were still active. Once I arrived home, I payed the taxi driver and walked into the flat, expecting to find Madeline crashing on the couch, instead I find no one, not even in her room. I know that I'm being a little over protective, but Madeline is the only one that knows about my past and if anyone I didn't know/trust were to find out about what happened then... I would be killed... Literally...

I call Madeline but she doesn't answer. She must still be with the security guard. If I don't here from Madeline by tomorrow morning, I swear I will go to that bastard's house and beat the shit out of him.

I settle in for bed, but I soon get up to open the window. I can't stop thinking about Zayn. The way his hazel eyes dug deep into me, almost looking straight through. I felt safe around him, yet so scared because of what he seemed capable of. I heard some bad things about him, that's why his name seemed so familiar. Finally, I drift away into a peaceful sleep, still thinking about the boy with the hazel eyes.

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