The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


19. Chapter 19:

Chapter 19:

"Abbie, babe, wake up. We're here." Zayn softly whispers but is shaking me. My eyes flutter open and meet with Zayn's eyes that sparkle with joy, "You're up!" He hugs me

"Of course I am..." I mumble, rubbing my eyes as I sit up.

"Look out your window, love. The scenery is incredible!" He jumps up and down in his seat like a little boy. But I did as he said, and looked out my window. Zayn's right! The scenery is beautiful!

"Zayn... This- I- You-" I try to find the right words but none form in my mind, so I just stutter.

"I'm amazing, I know." He boasts and I roll my eyes at him

"Zayn, I can't believe you did this for me! No one has ever done such a thing. Not even my parents. Thank you so much!" I practically yell with joy and the stewardess with the plastic balloons comes over to our seats

"Could you keep it down, please? You're disturbing other passengers." She smiles an annoyed smile

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." I shoo her away with my hand. She walks away, looking pissed and I hear her mutter 'Bitch'. My eyes widen and Zayn takes my hand, he must've heard it too.

"It's okay, babe." He reassures me, "She's just jealous." I nod my head. He cups my chin and I look into his hazel eyes. They've never looked so bright and cheery. Perhaps it's the fact that we're going to spend a few days in Spain. Alone. No troubles, right?

Zayn smiles at me and I giggle. See? That's one of the things I love about Zayn; he makes me laugh when I don't want to smile. Zayn leans down so our lips can meet but before they do, we feel the plane jump up and back onto the ground again.

"Good afternoon, passengers. This is your captain speaking. We have arrived in Madrid, Spain." The captain announces then tells the local time and weather, then gave the Spanish translation and by the time he finished, the plane was parked and everyone was gathering their luggage from above.


"Are you sure that we have everything?" I ask, feeling like something's wrong or missing.

"For the tenth time, yes, Abbie!" Zayn sounds annoyed

"You've checked?"

"Goddammit! Yes!" He yells

"Okay... I just feel like I'm missing something." I say, pondering if we have everything.

"If you don't remember what you're missing then, it's not important.'' He says

"You're right." I say, "But..." My voice trails off and I shake my head, "Never mind."

"Wait here and I'll get a taxi." Zayn says before leaving me with our two pieces of luggage.

A few minutes later, Zayn comes to me and tells me he got a cab. I try to take one suitcase but Zayn snatches it from me and runs away with it. I laugh at him and get into the taxi with Zayn climbing in after me, "Why, who is this fair young lady?" He questions, "She seems to have stollen my cab." He pouts

"Aww... Don't pout, pretty boy! It'll ruin your face." I giggle

"But I'm so beautiful!" He places his hands on his cheeks and gasps

"Yes. Yes, you are." I place my hands on top of his and kiss him sweetly on the lips.

"Young love..." Zayn and I hear the driver whisper

"Sorry?" I ask

"Young love is so passionate." He says, turning the car on and driving, "I had love like you two. Her name was Rosaline. She was a beautiful woman and she was very wealthy." I rest my head on Zayn's shoulder and our free hands intertwine, "She was rich but I was poor. Working on a farm to raise money for my family. But every time I went to the market, she was there. We always bumped into each other and one day, we decided that it was fate to be together, but we were wrong. When her family found out that she was seeing me, they banned her from seeing me. My family got into trouble too and so did I. It was tough back then in. The rich and poor should never communicate. My mother got me into so much trouble for seeing a woman of high class when we were low class." He says

"What did you do? Did you fight to see her again?" I ask, feeling sorry for this man.

"I didn't do anything. What could I do? My heart longed for her everyday at the market, but I was always filled with loneliness and disappointment. Her and her family moved away from Madrid and went to go live in the next city." He sounds like he's tearing up and so do I.

"How-?" I'm at a loss of words. How could they easily be separated? I hold onto Zayn like I might lose him.

"But, one day on the farm, I was working in the fields and I saw a woman. She looked beautiful on her black horse. Elegant. Graceful. I walked over to her and I recognized her immediately. My Roseline had come back for me!'' He exclaims

"How did she do it?" I ask with tears of joy sliding down my cheeks

"She rode her horse alone. She travelled all that way just to be with me. And you know what she did to make that happen? She made her family disown her. Disown." He says the word with such passion he shakes his head and grabs the steering wheel tighter, "She wore commoners clothes and that's all she had in her bag. Commoners clothes and a few personal belongings. The amazing thing was, we were only 15 when we fell so madly in love with each other and 16 when we were parted, but 4 years later she came to me. She told me her struggles without me and I told her mine. A few weeks later, we got married and have been happily married for 30 years." He says with a large smile on his face, "We have two kids and three grandchildren." He finishes and Zayn cradles me in his arms, slowly rocking me, "We're here." The driver says as we pass a security gate leading into many private bungalows. Zayn tells him to stop at number 18. Go figure. I look up at him and I feel my cheeks burn with the smile he was giving me.

We stop in front of a bungalow and I step out of the car. I see that behind the small house is a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal blue water. We unload our bags and I hug the driver, "Thank you." I whisper

"For what?" He asks me

"For teaching me how to love and never give up.'' I pull away and look at Zayn. He smiles to me and I return it. The driver smiles and nods his head, "What's your name?" I ask

"Roberto Torres." He says. He hands me a card with his number on it, "If you ever need a ride, call me."

"Will do!" I say, "My name is Abigail. And this is Zayn." I point back to the black haired boy.

"Nice to meet you, sir." Zayn shakes his hand.

Wow... I've never heard Zayn say something like that before...

We talked for a little bit then Zayn and I ran inside. The place was large and beautiful. I fully equipped kitchen with food. Shampoo in the bathrooms and towels.

"Oh my..." How many times have I been out of words? Twice now, right? "Holy shit! This is amazing! I can't believe you did this for me! I can't ever thank you enough!" I jump into his arms and kiss him

"You already have, love." We stand there for a bit in the bedroom. My head on his chest with my arms wrapped around his neck as he rests his head on mine with his arms wrapped around my waist. We rock slightly and I start to hum a song

"What should we do?" I ask, looking up at him

"Put on your bathing suit and we'll go play on the beach." He grins

"Sure!" I open up the suitcases and pull out my bikini then toss Zayn his swim trunks.

I head to the bathroom but Zayn stops me, "Change here. I've seen you before." He whispers in my ear and I feel my cheeks burn, remembering the night when Zayn and I first did 'it'.

I pull off my tank top, still with my back to Zayn. I take off my bra and I try to tie my bikini but it just doesn't seem to want to tie, "Um... Zayn, could you help me?" I sheepishly ask, looking over my shoulder and see Zayn biting his lip, eyeing me up and down, "Zayn?" I call him and he snaps out of his fantasy land

"Huh? Oh. Sorry, I was distracted by your beauty." He takes the straps and ties them. He roughly grabs my hips and pulls me towards his chest, "I would do the same for you, you know? I would travel across the world just to see you." He whispers in my ear, referring to Roberto's story.

"Me too." I turn around in his arms and softly kiss him. He takes it a little deeper and he asks for his tongue to enter my mouth but I tease him; I bit his lip then pull away. I pull down my shorts and underwear then slip on my bikini bottoms. I open the balcony door from the bedroom that leads onto the beach and run outside, with Zayn following. He sweeps me off my feet and he spins me around. I laugh with pure delight and so does Zayn. He places me on the ground again then we both spot a cabana down the beach. We look at each other then sprint to the cabana. Zayn runs faster than me and reaches the cabana when I was a quarter of the way there.

"Oh my!" I have a silly idea in my head. I place the back of my hand on my forehead, "Oh Zayn! You have defeated me. There is no purpose in my life anymore! I must die and leave this world." I crumple to the sand and close my eyes. I hear footsteps approach me and I keep a straight face

"Hmm..." I head Zayn hum above me, "What shall I do with this beautiful body that's lying on the beach?" He ponders, "I'll keep her and use her to please myself." I can hear the smile on his face. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. I let my arms hang free over his back as his arms wrap around the back if my legs, holding me. A few moments later, he softly placed me on the soft bed of the cabana, "She looks so peaceful and beautiful, but I want to see her amazing smile and bright blue eyes. Ah! I know how too!" Zayn pecks me on my lips then tickles my sides

"No!" I shoot up and laugh, falling off the cabana. I get up and run away from Zayn. After I'm a fair distance away from Zayn, I turn around, bend over and shake the sand out of my hair. Suddenly, I feel large hands grab my hips and pull me closer to his lower half

"I like this position." Zayn states and I shriek. I run away from him and he chases after me. I run into the water, laughing hard. Zayn catches me but I splash him. He briefly lets go but then catches me agin. He tackles me and we both fall into the water. Zayn is on top of me and smiles. I laugh and Zayn slowly leans down to me. I wrap my hands around the back of his neck and his lips softly brush mine. I push our lips together and I taste the salt on his lips.

"Salty..." I mumble and I feel Zayn smirk in my lips

"Same goes to you." His tongue slides over my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I accept. His tongue meets mine half way and they dance. Zayn pulls away, breathing heavily. I just realized that the sun had set. We stand up and wall over to the cabana. Zayn lights candles around it. We lie down together, keeping each other warm. My hands and head are placed on Zayn's chest. His head rests on mine and his arms snake around my waist, holding me tightly. Our legs intertwine.

It's dark now and the moon and stars are clearly visible. This does feel romantic. Zayn slightly leans over my body and snatches his phone and takes a random photo of me.

"Hey!" I protest, "I wasn't ready!" I pout

"Okay, fine. Again?" Zayn chuckles, "Smile, babe!" He smiles which causes me to too, "Amazing!" He admires the photo then shows it to me.

"I look like a mess. Do I always look like that?" I say, scrunching up my nose

"No, love! You always look amazing." Zayn caresses my cheek.

I have one question that's been weighing on my mind for a while now and I never seem to have the courage to ask him about it.

"Why me?" I say, speaking my mind. Oh shit.

"What do you mean?" Zayn furrows his eyebrows together in confusion.

"Why me? Why did you pick me at the bar? There were so many other girls there. Many prettier girls." I say, letting it spill

"As cheesy as it may sound, but you stole my head that night. You were so beautiful. Elegant. Graceful. Real. Not like any other girl I've been with. You don't wear makeup or slutty clothing. You're just you. You're just Abigail." He says, "And I can ask you the same thing. Why me? You could've rejected me so many times, but you didn't. You could've completely let me walk out of your life when I saved you from Bob, but instead you took care of me and let me into your house. And I kissed you before I left because I wanted to see how you felt. You enjoyed it." He winks and cheekily smiles, "That was a test." He says, "You wanted me badly."

"I couldn't resist it!'' I feel my cheeks burn

"It or me?" He raises an eyebrow, devilishly smirking

"Both." I giggle.

"And when you rejected me the first time I saw you, it was hard to accept. Thoughts of you filled my mind. The thought of having you in my arms, like we are now, determined me to find you.' So, I ask again, why me?"

"I felt like I needed you. You made me feel safe. Every time I tried to forget about you, you always crawled back into my mind. So that's why I never let you walk away, and I never regret anything. You're the best thing that's happened to me." I admit, "Without you, I felt insecure. I needed you, the only person that made me feel special just by giving me a simple smile. You made me feel safe. Everything that I'm scared of or worried about, floats away when I'm with you, like there's not a damn thing that could scare me with you. Cause you're my protecter." I let everything spill. My soul and heart being poured into all of the words that I'm saying, "I've never had these feelings before, Zayn.'' Am I prepared for this moment? He needs to know, "I-I love you."

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