The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


17. Chapter 17:

Chapter 17:

***Zayn'a P.O.V***

I walk back into the bedroom and find my beautiful angel asleep with her head resting on the back of her hands, on the pillow. Her legs and back were completely exposed. I stared at the scar along her back. It angers me; to know that someone caused her pain. I want to ask how she got it, but I decide that it must be very personal and a touchy subject and if I push, she'll hate me, "Sleep, babe. Sleep." I whisper. I take off my jeans and crawl into bed with her. I wrap my arms around her small body and turn it around so she snuggled up in my chest. Her legs intertwined with mine and so did our fingers. I smile at her gesture, even though she has no idea about what she's doing. I kiss her forehead and press them together. I close my eyes, loving the feeling of having Abigail on my arms. Nothing will be able to take her away from me. Ever.

***Abigail's P.O.V***

I wake up to Zayn's strong grip around my waist. I slightly turn my body to get comfortable and Zayn' hazel eyes shoot open, automatically locking with mine, "Morning." I whisper

"Morning, babe." He smiles

"Did you sleep well?" I ask

"Yeah... You?" He kisses the tip of my nose

"Great." I smile, "What day is it?" I ask

"I believe that it's Monday."

"Shit... I've got work in the afternoon." I whine

"When does your shift start and end?" He asks me

"My shift starts at noon then I finish at around 8-9 pm." I say

"So, you're mine till 12." Zayn chuckles

"Oh shut up." I playfully slap his arm.

He climbs on top of me and eyes me up and down

"You do realize that you're wearing nothing, right?" He chuckles

"Get off!" I cover my chest as Zayn rolls off of me and gets up from the bed, "Do your mind passing me some clothes?" I ask

"You know, I don't mind if you walk around naked I my house. I'll enjoy it." He jokes

"Shut up and pass me some clothes." I giggle

"Say please." Zayn demands

"Pass me clothes, please?" I ask, raising an eyebrow

Zayn tosses me a sweatshirt and sweats. He puts on grey basketball shorts and stays shirtless. I think he loves torturing me with his bare chest. He knows that I love his tattoos and abs. He just loves mentally killing me. Before changing into the clothes, I check my phone. I see that I have a text message from an unknown number

From: Unknown:

'It's a good a thing that I'm watching you.'

To: Unknown:


I wasn't expecting an immediate reply, but I got one, like this person was waiting by the phone

From: Unknown:

'Nope. Guess again, babe'

To: Unknown:


From: Unknown:

'That's right, baby!'

To: Unknown:

'How did you get my number?'

From: Unknown:

'I have my ways.'

To: Unknown:

'Destruction of privacy is against the law.'

From: Unknown:

'I don't play by the rules, I make my own.'

I was about to reply when I felt the bed sink beside me, "Who are you texting?"

"Umm... Maddy." I lie, "She's asking why I didn't come home last night."

"Okay... Here." Zayn hands me my bra and I feel my cheeks burning, but as I grab my garment, Zayn's hand wraps around mine and he pulls me close to his chest. His head dips down to my ear and his lips softly brush my ear, "I hate it when people lie to me." He firmly states in me ear.

My breathing a becomes uneven and m heart pounds against my chest. His grip around my wrist gets slightly tighter but he lets go.

"Sorry." He simply states and walks out of the bedroom.

I change into the sweats and step out of the bedroom. I walk into the open area and see Zayn, sitting at the dining table, drinking coffee of something. I make coffee for my self and sit down beside him. He doesn't even acknowledge that I'm there, "What's wrong?" I ask

"Nothing." He snaps

"I can go home right now if you don't want me here." I stand up and place the coffee I didn't have a sip from in the sink. I begin to walk to the bedroom, but Zayn stops me

"Don't go." He pleads, "I'm sorry." He says, kissing my neck before biting into the sensitive skin. I let a moan escape my mouth and arch my back towards Zayn, he grabs my hips and holds me there. He licks his mark one more time before blowing on it, causing shivers to course throughout my body, "I love the way I found you sleeping last night." He chuckles, Fucking. Sexy."

"You're sexy..." I whisper seductively, tracing his abs, one by one.

"The last thing I need is to be turned on in the morning." He laughs and I laugh with him.

"What's the time?" I ask

"Oh... It's 5 to 12."

"What?! I have to get ready for work! Just take me home like this, I really don't care at the moment." I say, running to the bedroom and grabbing my stuff

"Here," Zayn hands me a pair of his boxers and I raise my eyebrow questioningly,"it's to keep at your house and extra clothes and leave yours here. I don't mind." He smiles and kisses my cheek

"That makes things a little easier." I say as I place my clothes on his bed. Zayn throws a shirt over his head at we run out the door together.

We get to my flat and I tell Zayn that I'll be a few minutes. I just gotta take a shower. I run inside my flat and find Louis and Maddy eating breakfast, "Hey guys!" I yell as I run into my room. I take off Zayn's clothes and place them on my bed. I step into the shower and take a two minute shower. I change in my jeggings and a lose flowly shirt and my black and white Vans. I braid my hair to one side, grab my phone and run outside again, into Zayn's car

"That was quick." He looks at me wide eyed


"I'm not a normal girl." I smile deviously

We get to my work on time. The small little radio station not many people listen too. I kiss Zayn goodbye and head into the small building.

"Abigail!" My boss, Arthur, greets me with a warm smile

"Hey." I smile back at him

"So, listen, Christina is gonna be with you till around 6 o'clock, okay? Then from 6 till around 8 or 9 you'll be alone. But I don't mind if you call your boyfriend." he winks at me, "Just don't make a mess."

"Arthur, he's not my 'boyfriend' it's not official." I feel my cheeks burning.


"I've gotta get to work." I storm off to where we air the songs. I quietly step in and see my co-worker, Christina, "Hey, I'm here, so you can take a break, Christi." I say and she nods, getting up from the chair and walking outside, closing the door behind me. I sit on the rolley chair and begin to think hard. My mind travels to my scar.


"I never made a mistake during that deal, Chris!" I yell at him for the thousandth time

"I lost £670,000, thanks to you!" He slaps me across the face and I fall to the floor.

Since I do drug deals for Chris, someone made a lie that I did a wrong deal. But I never make mistakes. I do Chris's deals here in Cardiff while he's in Bradford.

"Chris... Please, you have to believe me." I choke, "I did nothing, babe. Don't you love me?" I try to soothe him with sweet talk.

"That's it, doll face." He shakes his head and gives his back to me.

This is my opportunity. To finally get Chris. I've been hiding this pocket knife, waiting for a time like this. I slowly slip out the knife and walk up behind him. I massage his shoulders and whisper dirty things on his ear. When I felt that I had him relaxed, I stab the knife into his back. He lets out a yell and I run towards the door, only finding out that it'a locked. Chris takes the knife out of his back and I have my back pressed against the door, "You must be so fucking stupid! Come 'ere you little bitch!" He walks over to me and grabs my throat, "I'm gonna reach you a lesson.'' He says

"Chris..." I whisper but anger and hate boil in his eyes as he steps closer to me with the knife in his hand. I begin to cry

"Come on, Abigail. You need a punishment." He grabs me by the shirt and rips it off. He forces off my jeans and underwear the my bra. He throws me on the bed, on my stomach. He holds the knife in one hand as the other thrusts 3 fingers into me. I scream, but it's no use. No one can help me. Not even Maddy. He places the knife on my shoulder and puts pressure on the blade. I feel the blood trickle down my shoulder. Chris thrusts 4 fingers into me and I scream an ear piercing scream. Chris cuts along my back. Starting at my right shoulder and ending at my left hip.

Chris finished cutting me and takes out his fingers, licking them beside my ear, "Did you learn your lesson?" He asks me

"Y-yes..." I say

He throws the knife beside me and I lay there, bleeding and naked. I hear Madeline scream.

"You bastard! What did you do to-" she begins to protest but he cuts her off

"Shut the fuck up!" He shouts at her

She runs into the room and stays by my side. I felt so weak.

"Get me a doctor. Forget about her. She's useless at the moment." I hear Chris say to one of the men guarding the door

"Yes, sir." He nods his head.

Maddy cleaned up my back but we need stitches. Suddenly, one of the men that was guarding my door comes in with a medical kit

"If it's okay with you, I'd like to stitch your back." He asks

"Okay." Maddy moves aside and he stitches my back. When he finished, he gave us money and two tickets to Bradford. He also let us stay in his flat until we were able to get our own.

We ran away as soon as my back healed.

***End of Flashback***

I grab my shoulder, feeling the pain come back to me. I wince. A punishment. A horrible punishment.

It was around 6 and then my co-worker came in and told me that she was leaving. I said bye and I'm left alone in this dark place. I play songs one after another and take in requests. I feel like calling Zayn, but something in the back of my head tells me not too. And that feeling was right, "Hey! Abbie." I hear my brother say from behind me and I jump

"Shit, Spence! You scared the shit out of me!" I laugh. I turn around to face him and he sits on the couch, "What are you doing here?" I ask

"I heard you on the radio so I decided to come here and see you."

"I'm bored so you came in the nick of time.'' I say

"But the problem is, I can't stay here for long." He sighs

"Aww... Why?" I pout

"Duty calls." He shrugs. I know that feeling, "I'm so sorry, Abbie, but I actually have to go now."

"What? You just got here!" I protest

"Duty calls." He stands up

"Fine." I sink into my chair and cross my arms.

He opens the door to leave but before he does he whispers, "I love you, Abbie." Then shuts the door behind him

"I love you too..." I whisper, smiling.

I decide to call Zayn since I'm already bored.

"Hey, love! What's up?" He answers

"Hi. I'm so bored. Wanna come and keep me company?" I sheepishly ask

"You're so cute. I'll be there soon."

"Thanks." I hang up

I grab the guitar that was beside me and play Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's. I play the first notes on the guitar and wait for my cue to sing.

{Hey there Delilah

What's it like in New York City?

I'm a thousand miles away

But girl, tonight you look so pretty

Yes you do

Times Square can't shine as bright as you

I swear it's true

Hey there Delilah

Don't you worry about the distance

I'm right there if you get lonely

Give this song another listen

Close your eyes

Listen to my voice, it's my disguise

I'm by your side

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

What you do to me

Hey there Delilah

I know times are getting hard

But just believe me, girl

Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar

We'll have it good

We'll have the life we knew we would

My word is good

Hey there Delilah

I've got so much left to say

If every simple song I wrote to you

Would take your breath away

I'd write it all

Even more in love with me you'd fall

We'd have it all

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far

But they've got planes and trains and cars

I'd walk to you if I had no other way

Our friends would all make fun of us

and we'll just laugh along because we know

That none of them have felt this way

Delilah I can promise you

That by the time we get through

The world will never ever be the same

And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah

You be good and don't you miss me

Two more years and you'll be done with school

And I'll be making history like I do

You'll know it's all because of you

We can do whatever we want to

Hey there Delilah here's to you

This one's for you

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

Oh it's what you do to me

What you do to me.}

I hear clapping behind me and I nearly drop the guitar, "That... That was beautiful." Zayn says

"No, it wasn't." I blush

"Then why am I clapping?"

He walks over to me and kisses my neck, "You're all alone in this dark place so you called me? Good choice. We have some privacy. You need a break, babe." He starts messaging my shoulders and I throw my head back. I needed that, "We could have some fun." He whispers seductively in my ear

"I'm working, Zayn."

"Alone." He points out, "Come on." He places sloppy wet kisses all over my neck. I strangely feel turned on. I have the whole track set for the next hour, so why not?

"We have an hour." I get up and turn to Zayn. I kiss him and push him towards the couch. He sits down and I climb on top of him. Our tongues fight for dominance and it becomes a heavy make out. Zayn's hands travel under my shirt as my hands travel down to his belt, "Touch me, baby." He whispers and I do as he says. I run my fingers along his bulge, gently pressing it, "Fuck." Zayn breathes out

"Like that?" I ask

"Mmhm..." He nods

I do it again then I take off his belt. I pull down his pants and boxers, letting his full height stand up. One hand travels up to Zayn's hair and fists it whilst the other grabs his member and slowly starts to pump, "Abbie..." He says

"Say my name..." I whisper, "Say it." I demand

"Hey, don't get too feisty with me or else I can put you under me and give it to you so hard on this fucking couch, you'll be screaming my name." He says harshly

"Just say my name..." I plead and I know he's holding back

I start to pump faster and Zayn throws his head back. I kiss his neck and bite his ear lobe. I've never been the dominant one but it does feel good.

I pump faster and rub his tip, "Release for me, Zayn." I whisper in his ear, "Come on, baby."

"Faster, Abbie." He pleads

I does as he says and pump at my fastest. He grunts and grabs my hips tightly, "Fuck you..." He grunts

After a few more pumps, Zayn releases all over my shirt and hand, "Damn Abbie." He breathes heavily

"Did I make you feel good?" I whisper

"Yes, now it's your turn to feel good." He takes my hips and lies me down on the couch, "Try some." Zayn holds the hand that he released all over up to my mouth. I hesitantly suck on my finger, tasting the salty substance.

Zayn gets his things in order then slowly starts to take off my pants with my underwear. He places them on the floor beside us and moves his hand up and down my thigh before touching me. He slowly begins to rub my clit and I arch my back. He thrusts 2 fingers inside me and begins to lick my clit with his tongue I moan his name unwillingly. He slides in a third finger and I fist his hair, "Zayn..." I moan. He stops licking my clit but keeps thrusting his fingers in. His face comes up and our lips meet in a desperate kiss. I feel myself about to reach my climax. I let out a gasp when I do and Zayn takes out his fingers, licking them, one by one.


"I can make you feel good and moan my name too, babe." He chuckled.

I put my underwear and pants back on, just in time when the hour set track list ends.

I hear a knock on the door and the person for the night shift comes, "Hey, I'm here." She looks at Zayn then back at me

"Okay, thanks. Goodnight." I wave to her. I take Zayn's hand and we walk out the studio together. We hope into his car and go to his flat.

Once we get there, I jump out of the car and jump around, "Woah... What happened to you? Did the orgasm I gave you make you all hyper?" He winks

"No, we're going to Spain in two days!" I run to Zayn and jump on him. I wrap my legs around his waist and we spin around.

I wonder what's gonna happen when we're in Spain

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