The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


13. Chapter 13:

Chapter 13:

***Abigail's P.O.V.***

I burst into the flat and see Madeline sitting on the couch with her hands, feet and mouth duct taped.

Where's Eddie? That son of a bitch.

I run over to Maddy and try to gently remove the tape from heroine without causing her pain. Her eyes have tears in them as she looks at me. Her eyes go wide as she looked behind me. I tilt my head to the side, trying to figure out what was wrong, but I realize it a little too late. Eddie grabs my arms and throws me up against a wall, "Hey, baby." He licks his lips, "Did you miss me?" He smirks

"Didn't I tell you not to come back here?" I spit

"I wanted your pretty face and nice tight ass again." He winks and I feel shivers run through my body from disgust. He leans closer to me and I feel his hot breath on my neck,"You..." He hesitates, "You smell like Zayn..." His eyebrows furrow together then his eyes go big, "You had sex with him!" He yells, "He actually did it!" He chuckled, "Aww... What a lucky boy. I'm actually surprised that he fucked you and didn't leave."

"Shut the fuck up!" I spit, "You don't know anything!" I ball my fists and shut my eyes, "He's changed."

"No, he hasn't and I know everything about him." He grabs the nape of my neck and forces me to look at his damn face, "Every girl he's screwed, I screw after him. And baby..." His lips brush mine and I push myself as far as I can away from him, but there's a wall behind me so it's impossible," it's your turn." He smashes his lips against mine and grabs my thigh making me wrap it around him and he starts to grind. I feel a smile form on his lips when I don't kiss back, "Never wear a skirt when you're as damn sexy as you are."

"I found that out with Zayn." I mumble but then Eddie pulls away and slaps me across the face.

"Get Zayn out of the fucking way!" He yells

I glance over at Maddy who's thrashing around on the floor and screaming through the tape.

"He's nothing!" Eddie continues, "He's just the guy who will pick a random girl off of the street, fuck her, then throw her to me. I'm his fucking rubbish collector!" He shouts

"What does that have to do with me?" I ask

"I want to be the one to fuck you."

"Go. To. Hell." I snap

Eddie smashes his lips onto mine once more and let's his tongue in. I fight around in protest but he grabs my hips. I try to push away but he won't budge

"Get the fuck off of me!" I scream

I claw Eddie's face and he steps away from me, giving me the opportunity to kick him between the legs. He falls to the floor, holding himself. I spit on him

"Worthless piece of shit." I say as I wipe my mouth of access saliva.

The darker side of me was starting to rise to the surface. I felt tense. I felt that deep anger boiling inside me. The type that made me want to punch something. Maybe I could punch Eddie. I'm sure it would help me relieve some anger.

"Get out before I make you." I order but Eddie chuckled as he got up

"You think you're so tough, baby?" He taunts me but it pisses me off even more

"Do you want me to prove it?" I raise an eyebrow at him and he slowly steps towards the door

"You better be careful Abigail Rose Cartwright." He grunts and I look at him wide eyed, "That's right, I know your full name. Don't be late tonight." He steps out of the door and I stand there in complete shock.

Is it possible...?

I shake my head and run to Maddy. I rip the tape away from her mouth, feet and hands. She embraces me in a hug, "Abbie..." She shakily whispers in my ear.

"I'm right here, it's okay." I coo

"It's all my fault." She sobs into my shoulder

"Impossible." I grab her face and her big brown tear filled eyes stare into my blue ones, "It's all my fault." I begin to cry, "I have to go see Chris tonight."



So yet another short chapter, but drama filled! Omfg!!! *dun dun duuuuuunnnn* I'm pathetic. So yeah... Love you all!

Peace, Love, Rubber-gloves ( I love Mazzi Maz)

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