The Darkness Within~Zayn Malik Fan Fiction~

Abigail Rose Cartwright is just out of high school and is happy that she gets to live with her best friend, Madeline Scott. To celebrate, the girls have been planning for their night out in Bradford. When Abigail meets someone that she was forced to, everything goes wrong when their dark pasts collide.


1. Chapter 1:

I've finally re-arranged my room when I hear Madeline scream my name," Abigail!" I walk out of my room, down the hall and into the living room, "Yes Maddy?"

"Are you ready?" she says with a huge grin on her face

"For what?" I ask confused.

"'ve got to be joking!" I look at her confused, "C'mon! We've been talking about it for weeks!" Our night out in Bradford, right after high school." she sounds really annoyed at this point

"Oh, now I remember." I say then Madeline mimics me sarcastically, "Sorry! I've been so busy arranging the flat alone."

"Pfft! I helped!" Madeline says defensively

"Oh yeah? What did you do?"

"Umm... I... I found this place!" she says snapping her fingers in the air. That was true, she did find this awesome flat and got it for a good price, "Fine...You got me." suddenly Madeline shoots up from the couch and dances her 'Victory Dance' whilst yelling, "I WON!" I laughed at her ridiculousness, then walked back to my room so I could get changed from my dirty jeans and tank-top to a nice silver, sparkly t-shirt and a black mini-skirt with white leggings that went down to my knees and I put on my black and white checkered Vans. When I got out of my room, I saw Madeline standing at the door, waiting for me, "You change fast." I say amazed

"Yeah and you take forever!" she laughs back at me, then looks at me up and down and I can tell she's got something dirty on her mind, " look hot!"

"Thanks, you too." I giggle out. She's wearing a shirt that fell down to her thighs and she wore black, leopard print jeans.

"I wonder how many guys would want you..." she smiles mischievously at me

"Don't think like that Maddy!" we laugh at the comment. Madeline opens the door then bows down and sticks her hand out, "Shall we?"

"We shall." I say taking her hand, "Let's have some fun."

We took a taxi to a club called Drink and Dunk, which seemed pretty cool at first until we got out of the taxi, "Shit! I knew I should have made reservations!" Madeline yells when she through her hands up in the air. The line to get in was really freaking long, I mean really freaking long. Madeline goes to the back of the line so  I follow her then she tells me to wait there and suddenly she goes under the velvet rope and up to the security guard, "What the hell are you doing?" I say to her then she just rolls her eyes at me and mouths 'Stay there.' so I wait. I see Madeline all over the security guard, whispering things in his ear, tracing the lines over his muscles under his shirt, then finally I see Madeline plant a soft kiss on the security guard's lips. Madeline Scott, the girl who's never had a boyfriend, still has her virginity, just freaking flirted and kissed a random security guard to a club. My little girl is growing into a slut...

I stood there, shocked at what I just saw. The security guard clearly enjoyed what he just experienced because he let Madeline through. She tells me to come, and I giggle my way over to her, as I walk past the security guard, I see him looking at me up and down, licking his lips and biting his bottom one. When I get into the club, I can't find Madeline, "Maddy? Where are you?" I try to yell over the crowd. I head to the dance floor, hoping to find her there. I can't find her, so then I head to the bar. Suddenly I feel someone grab my wrist, my whole body tenses and I ball my fist, it's only a matter of seconds before my fist will meet the person's face, but I calm myself down before that happens. I don't want that side of me to rise to the surface again. I didn't know that my eyes were closed until I opened them, "Abigail...?" Madeline says with worry in her voice

"I told you to never grab me like that. You know what happens." I snap at her

"S-sorry..." she dips her head

"It's okay, just don't do it again." I say as I take her into my arms. Then I cup her chin and say, "Let's go get a drink." I take her hand and we head to the bar. I ask the bartender for two martinis which he makes right away.

After my second glass, I was drunk but sober enough to know what was going on. Madeline has her back to me, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm being watched from across the room. I turn around and scan the area, nothing. I hear Madeline laugh at a joke the guy she's sitting with told her. I look at them and smile, it's great to see that she's having a blast and the guy she's sitting with is quite cute. Suddenly, I feel someone beside me with a large warm hand on my back. I turn to see the face of the person touching me and I find a good looking guy staring down at me. He had black hair with one part of his hair, in the front that was bleached, his lustrous hazel eyes bored down into me, he had lots of tattoos all over his body, his build was tall and strong, he seemed quite intimidating, and it didn't help that he had such a strong grip on my back, "Hey," his voice was deep, "Wanna have a dance?" I shake my head but Madeline pushes me into this mysterious guy, "Go dance with him." she whispers in my ear. Then the guy wraps a protective arm around me, we got up together and made our way to the dance floor. Once we find a spot on the floor the guy wraps both of his arms around my waist and dips his head into my neck. I try to pull away from his grasp, but he's to strong for me, "I can tell that you're gonna be a tough one." he whispers in my ear, then he starts biting on my ear lobe, "My name is Zayn."


"Well Abigail," he whispers then dips his head lower into my neck and starts kissing all over my neck, he nudged my head to the side so he could allow himself more access and for some strange reason, I let him, "this is gonna be fun" he says at last, and that's when things started to get a little rough. Zayn placed sloppy kisses all over my neck and found my sweet spot behind my ear. He finally got the opportunity to bite down into my neck and I could feel the blood riding to the surface, Zayn stood back for a second to examine his work, then put on an evil grin clearly happy with what he's done. He runs his fingers over the tender spot on my neck, then dips is head once more and his hair tickles my face as he kisses the tender spot.

I'm frozen on the spot, "Do something." Zayn says. Instead, I stay still and examine what he's wearing, a plain white t-shirt, with a black leather jacket and some black skinny jeans with white converse. I look back up at Zayn and see his hazel eyes staring down at me, "To me, it seems like you liked it." he says with a cheeky grin plastered on his face

"N-no...I d-didn't like it..." I stutter out

"Then why are you stuttering?"

"N-no, I-I;m not... Ju- I'm leaving." I turned around and headed back to the bar to get Madeline so we could leave but I didn't find her there.


Where is she?

"Maddy! Where are you?!" I try to yell over the crowd but it was no use, the music was to loud.

Dammit...Where could she have gone?

"Looking for your friend?" I hear Zayn say behind me. I turn around and give him a confused look. He knows where Madeline is? As if he read my mind, Zayn says, "Yeah, I saw her with the security guard. They left together."

"Oh no..." I run through the crowd and burst outside of the doors. I struggle to get my phone out of the pocket in my skirt, then I tap the hell out of my phone to dial Madeline. It rings once...twice..."Hello?" I hear her drunken voice through the phone

"Where the hell are you?!" I yell at her

"Whoa. Relax Hun. I'm going home with the security guard. His name is Bob. Sorry I left you, I didn't want to disturb you since you were with that guy."

I turn to Zayn, who's smiling like an idiot, so he clearly heard what Madeline said about him, "Come on Abbie..." he whispers in my ear. I hang up on Madeline and I turn my whole body around to face Zayn, he started to gently rub his hands up and down my arms, then he took my hand and pushed me up against the wall, "Come home with me." he whispers then kisses the spot behind my ear which is my sweet spot. He's happy with his new discovery about me and uses it to his already strong advantage, He stays kissing the spot and only stops to say, "Please..." breathlessly.

What is happening to me?

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