Can this be real

I'm 18 and I don't get much time outside only to go to my job. My father is an absolute idiot. I get abused by him and can't fight bak. But until oneday I decide to run away and louis from one direction found with blood shot eyes in the park. He takes me into his house and looks after me. But do I hav a slight crush on him and will my father find me??????? Read to find out


3. Happiness


i pulled away from the kiss "Ellen" he says in a cute tone " will you be my girlfriend" I gazed into his eyes and nodded yes. A smile appeared onto his lips and he pushed his lips against mine again.



i finally got her she is mine. I new i had love for her I no it is really early but I couldn't wait her smile her laughter everything about her is perfect. "Louis has got a girlfriend louis has got a girlfriend" I her harry say as her prances around us like a 3 yea old. I see Ellen turn tomato red and I chuckle at the sight. "Shut up harry" I say in a annoyed tone. Then I grabbed his foot to trip him but zayn walked in and Harry's lips crashed on his. Zayn had and harry pulled away and are the eyes shoot straight at me . I got off Ellen and started running up the stairs and in my room I locked the door and put my ear to it. I hear the front door close and racing up the stairs. I herd nothing now. But then I hear my window open and I see harry.crap. I go to open the door and zayn was there.i was trapped. holy mother of carrots what do I do.


i hear louis scream  like a girl. I laugh but I have no idea what is happening. I go up to have a look and see zayn holding him and harry tickling him. I laugh even harder. They kept on tickling him for a good 10 minutes and then louis came up to me. " do u wanna go out tonight so I can get to know you better" I look at him and agree.

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