Can this be real

I'm 18 and I don't get much time outside only to go to my job. My father is an absolute idiot. I get abused by him and can't fight bak. But until oneday I decide to run away and louis from one direction found with blood shot eyes in the park. He takes me into his house and looks after me. But do I hav a slight crush on him and will my father find me??????? Read to find out


2. Do I like her


i see. Girl in the park as I was walking home from work. She had her head in her had and I herd her sniffling. I walked up to her tapped her on the sholder and asked if she was ok. She jumped a bit at first but then settled down. She said y-y-y-yes as she looked into my eyes. She was apsalutly beautiful. I told her she could spend all the time she wanted at my house. When I intraduced her to all the boys harry asked her "well what happened to you" she again  covered her face with her hands. I put my hand o. Her sholder and she looked up at me. But when she looked onto my eyes I felt something. Something like love. I think I loved her. No snap out of it louis I don't even no her. Well I took he up to my room and she made herself at home. "ME AND THE REST OF THE BOYS ARE GOING TO NANDOES DO U WANT ANYTHING" niall screamed. "No thanks" I replied ok,he said. "Should we go and make some dinner" I asked Ellen nodded and smiled. But as she went to get up I stopped her "what's wrong u haven't talked at all" I say 


"what's wrong I haven't herd you talk at all" he asked me I feel my eyes water up and I told him the whole thing of what my dad did to me. He hugged me and cried. He took me down stairs and tried to cheer me up with a really bid sandwich with extra mayo. I put some on my finger and tasted it. "That is discussing " I say he looked at me at took a huge bite out of his huge sandwich. I smiled and put some on his cheek. His smile faded. U was trying not to laugh. But then he grabbed a hand full of it and put it in my hair. I pouted in a kids way then I opened the pantry and grabbed some flower I threw a cup of water at his face and the put flower on his face. I couldn't stop laughing. Then he grabbed a handful of flour. I started to run but then I tripped in the lounge and he wrapped his arms around  me. We looked at each other and just stared into each others eye coming closer until he threw the flower at me. We both laughed and then looked into each others eyes again and were only inches away now. My palms were sweating now. Then the next moment I felt our lips crash together he smiled in the kiss I could feel it. And the we pulled away and he looked at me just staring and then we kissed agai"Alex " I herd him say. "Will you...

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