Scares & Spooks

This is the sequel to Fantasies & Fancies Austin & Ally and the rest of the gang get locked in sonic boom on Halloween and they think it may be haunted


1. Locked in & look up

(Austin walks into sonic boom) 

Austin: hey Ally hey Adam 

Ally & Adam: hi 

Ally & Adam: hey 

Ally & Adam: stop talking when I talk 

Austin: you two are related aren't you 

Adam: yeah except I can be fun and break the rules

Austin: oh yeah

(they high five)

Ally: okay so suddenly you two are best friends when Adam got here you hated each other 

Adam: We're not best friends we're gfoudms good friends an one of us is dating my sister

Ally: okay?

(Dez and Trish walk in) 

Trish: guess who's ready for Halloween 

Dez: me I'm gonna be a dolphin this year 

( the doors slam shut) 

Ally: that was weird 

(Trish walks over to the door and pulls on it)

Trish: oh no it's locked 

Everbody: AHHH! 

(Dez faints)


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