Scares & Spooks

This is the sequel to Fantasies & Fancies Austin & Ally and the rest of the gang get locked in sonic boom on Halloween and they think it may be haunted


3. K o's & kicking

Adam: did anyone else notice Dez is unconscious 

Austin: oh no (runs over to Dez) 

Austin: Dez wake up! 

(Dez wakes up screaming and gets up and runs into the wall knocking him out again)

(ghost/ Trish appears) 

Trish ghost: hello Austin 

Austin: Trish!

Trish ghost: yes it is I and I'm going to turn you into a ghost too! 

Austin: AHH 

(Austin notices a curtain walks over to it)

Austin: Trish come out

Trish ghost : I have no idea what your talking about 

(Austin kicks the curtain)

Adam: ow! (Comes out)

Austin: Adam?

Adam: I'm trying to sleep! (Walks back in) 


Trish: I told you

Austin: AHH ( faints) 

(goes behind the curtain) 

(Trish and Adam are cracking up)


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