Scares & Spooks

This is the sequel to Fantasies & Fancies Austin & Ally and the rest of the gang get locked in sonic boom on Halloween and they think it may be haunted


2. Hugs & Bugs

Ally: Austin I'm scared 

Austin: (opens his arms) 

Ally: (walks into them) 

Austin: everything is gonna be just fine 

(goes to the top of the steps)

Trish: ready to drop this spider 

Adam: lets do this 

(they drop the spider)

Austin: AHH big spider!

Ally: AHH (hops on Austin's back they run off)

Trish & Adam: That was so funny 

Trish & Adam: hey!

Trish & Adam: quit talking when I talk 

(Austin looks up)

Austin: guys no time to be stupid spider on the loose 

Trish: oh please that thing is harmless 

Austin: how would you know that 

Trish: because we dropped it on you

(Adam and Trish start cracking up) 

Ally: (starts walking up the stairs) I'm gonna slap them so hard 

Austin: (grabs Ally and takes her back down stairs) not before me

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