It all happened in Paris

17 year old Alma wants to find her true love more than anything in the world. But all the guys she has dated have broken her heart. When her aunt, her most precious family member dies, Alma seeks security in Paris. Capital of fashion so she can achieve her dream as a fashion designer. But when she meets a very strange boy. Will Cupid shoot her once again? Will this boy be the love of her life? Should she take her chances? Will this boy with the love for carrots change her life? And will she find friendship?


4. The will

Turns out my plans we postponed. I had to attend the reading of the las will and testament. I couldn't go to Paris. At least not now. My mom knew my aunt told me about giving me a small percentage of her money.

i can't let her do that so I stayed for a while longer. A few days later, the will was to be read. I put on my best clothes. Black of course. 

I got there a bit early so I just stayed around the office. There I saw familiar looking boy. I had seen him a few times with my aunt but I didn't know who he was.

the reading started. Just as we were about to start my mother came in. All in her "grieving" best. If I didn't know better i would say the tears in her eyes were because my aunt was dead. 

The reading started.

mary's last will and testament:

i have divided my money amongst those who I care and love and whom cared and loved me back. The list is quite short. Firstly, I want to leave my husband 20% of my money. This is so because he already has a large sum of money and he will keep all my property. 

For my dear niece alma I give 50% of the money. 10% is available in a banking account waiting for her. As she is underrated she needs help to care for the money. However, I have arranged that only a certain amount of money goes out weekly. The rest is waiting for her to turn 18. I have written a letter to you my dear. It will be given to you soon. 

I will give 20% to my godson. Being 19, he is free to do whatever he wants with his money. Finally, 10% of my money will go to a fortunate one. I will let faith decide who will keep that money. I have the money in a bank. There, only the one who know the password will get the money. In addition, all of my jewels are there.

I gave you all a gift once. This starts the clues to finding the password. The clues lead to others. And you will have to put them together to know."

it took me awhile to understand what had just happened. I HAD 50% OF MY AUNTS MONEY!

my mother turned to look at me.

oh... My... GOsh i was a free woman!!!! And I was going to...




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