It all happened in Paris

17 year old Alma wants to find her true love more than anything in the world. But all the guys she has dated have broken her heart. When her aunt, her most precious family member dies, Alma seeks security in Paris. Capital of fashion so she can achieve her dream as a fashion designer. But when she meets a very strange boy. Will Cupid shoot her once again? Will this boy be the love of her life? Should she take her chances? Will this boy with the love for carrots change her life? And will she find friendship?


2. The Cause of the Decision

After my aunts funeral, I dresses only in black. It didn't affect my life really because I never really had friends. So I didn't have to worry about what my friends would think. My life just went downhill from there. My mom and I got into more arguments. My siblings acted like assholes more often, and the bullying just got worse. It was a constant fight for survival. The only thing that distracted me from the hell of my life as my passion. Designing. I love making new creations of clothing.

My biggest dream was to move to Paris and become a famous fashion designer. As usual my mother had laughed and told me I could never make it. But my aunt had made me promise I would keep trying to achieve my dream. I planed to keep my promise no matter what! 

I had saved up money and had about a million dollars on the bank. For 7 years I babysat, did extra chores, did work for my neighbors, saved my allowance, and saved the money my aunt gave my. This money was for my trip to Paris. 

One day, my mom really pissed me off.

"Your a worthless little bitch! Always going with your freaking aunt," my mom screamed.

"A least she was there for me! Not like a certain slut who thinks I'm worthless!" I shouted.

This was something that always happened. But today my mom crossed the line. 

"Where are you going to? Work as a prostitute?" Her mother said.

"I'm going to visit my aunt in the cemetery" i calmly replied.

"That bitch? What's so important about her? He was a fucking slut! It's a good thing she lost those stupid children! She should have died earlier!" 

That was it. If there was something i didn't tolerate was when my aunt was offended. So I stormed outside and slammed the door. 

On my way to the cemetery I found myself thinking about running away...

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