It all happened in Paris

17 year old Alma wants to find her true love more than anything in the world. But all the guys she has dated have broken her heart. When her aunt, her most precious family member dies, Alma seeks security in Paris. Capital of fashion so she can achieve her dream as a fashion designer. But when she meets a very strange boy. Will Cupid shoot her once again? Will this boy be the love of her life? Should she take her chances? Will this boy with the love for carrots change her life? And will she find friendship?


3. Problems

It was final. I was going to Paris. I hated my mom at the moment I was mad at her for offending my aunt. So I decided that I was going to Paris tomorrow morning I couldn't take another day with my mom screaming and yelling at me what I have to do. When I got home I laid on my bed crying. I missed my aunt a lot if she didn't die I wouldn't be like this all depressed and sad but she's gone and there's nothing I can do anymore.  I had to keep my promise. And I was going to. 

It was 8 p. m.

"dinner time you slut!" My mother called.

i ran down very happy. 

"Looks good" I said.

"what did u finally get a date?" My mother asked rolling her eyes.

"nah, I'm a slut. I can't get dates" I loved pushing her buttons.

after dinner, I skipped to my room and pulled out some bags. Which I quickly hid because my mom came into my room.

"Don't you know how to knock?" I asked irritated.

"save it! I came here cuz of your aunts last will and stuff" she said. "We all know she was loaded and I'm pretty sure she is going to give everything to you."

"m-m-me!? Can't be! My uncle is more likely to get it all! Even if I did... Even if I did, WHAT DO YOU CARE!?" I found myself screaming. Ready to cry.

"We'll your under aged and someone will need to take care of your money. And being your mother I would be the best person to do so."

"What is wrong with you! No! Get lost I hate you and I won't let you touch my aunts money!" I blurt out.

A smile crept onto her face. 

"So I see she told you she would give you the money huh? Well we'll see what the law says about an underage with so much money."

with that she left.

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