It all happened in Paris

17 year old Alma wants to find her true love more than anything in the world. But all the guys she has dated have broken her heart. When her aunt, her most precious family member dies, Alma seeks security in Paris. Capital of fashion so she can achieve her dream as a fashion designer. But when she meets a very strange boy. Will Cupid shoot her once again? Will this boy be the love of her life? Should she take her chances? Will this boy with the love for carrots change her life? And will she find friendship?


8. Hostage!

I got home, told the taxi man to wait, and ran into the house. Even from outside I could hear screams and crying. A short time later I saw dark curls running next to me. It was my aunts son! Aka my cousin. No chance with him now. 

I tried opening the door but it was locked. Luckily, my cousin was able to knock it down. My mom was about to hit my ten year old sister when I interfered. 


i felt my back stink. The pain shot through all of my body. I felt nub. Then...



this time harder. I dropped to my knees. My sister was unhurt but scared. I pulled her into my arms. 


harder than before. I got ready for another blow but instead I heard my cousin.


his thick British accent was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

i woke up ten minutes later. My mom was crying. The cops where going to take her away. My siblings where ok. But know I wasn't going to be able to go to Paris. 

I heard knocking at the door. My cousin opened it and a man entered. He seemed strangely familiar but I couldn't tell who it was.

my mom then ran into the kitchen with my youngest brother in her arms. At the age of 11 months, he didn't know what was going on much.  I screamed and despite the pain of my back, I got up and ran to the kitchen.

my mom was holding my baby brother with a knife in her hand. My cousin appeared next to me a few moments later. 

"Leave him alone!" He yelled

"Jake!" I screamed. Tears running down my face. I was scared and so was my brother. 

"You are gonna let me leave in peace or else jake will suffer!" My mom said.

i saw the blade move towards my brothers neck.

what happened next was extremely dangerous. In less that 20 seconds my cousin was next to my mom. Startled, she cut him on his side.

He cried out in pain. My mom cried out in surprise. I cried out in terror. And my brother just plain out cried!

The man ran into the kitchen.

"erick!" My mom cried out. She sounded scared.

"I heard what you do to my children! I have come to give them a proper home." The man said.

then it hit me.....


tune in to find out what happens to the kids and to the trip. Will she make it?


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