It all happened in Paris

17 year old Alma wants to find her true love more than anything in the world. But all the guys she has dated have broken her heart. When her aunt, her most precious family member dies, Alma seeks security in Paris. Capital of fashion so she can achieve her dream as a fashion designer. But when she meets a very strange boy. Will Cupid shoot her once again? Will this boy be the love of her life? Should she take her chances? Will this boy with the love for carrots change her life? And will she find friendship?


10. Am I to late!??

Am I too late?
"Am I to late!!??" I asked.
The lady looked at me. 
"Paris?" She asked.
I nodded. 
"The plane will leave in a minute. Where's your luggage?" She asked.
"Um... I.....I.....I don't have any. I really have to get to Paris!" I said.
The woman nodded. 
I gave it to her
"Hmm first class. Welcome miss. This way" she said as she showed me my seat.
I sighed and sat back.
" Oh thank god you made it! I thought I was gonna have to send back your luggage! I got it past security as my own luggage."
I suddenly heard a girl talking next to me. I turned and saw it was the girl I left my luggage to. 
"Thank you so much for it! You have no idea what I just went through" I said.
"Oh tell me! By the way my name is jasmine." The girl said.
"My name's alma. It's nice to meet you. What are you going to in Paris?" I asked.
Turns out jasmine was a great singer and was going to a music school in Paris. She got a scholarship because of her talent. However, she was going to be all alone.
"I have an idea! Why don't you go to the same school? It doesn't start for about a month. You can still apply!" She said.
I wasn't very sure. I never considered music. She sang a bit of "bleeding love" and sounded great. Then she made me sing. I couldn't really think of a song so I stayed quiet for a few seconds.
"It's a beautiful night looking for something dumb to do hey baby I think. Wanna marry you. Is it the looks in your eyes or is it this dancing juice. Who cares baby I think I wanna marry you. Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we could goooo." 
I heard a pretty good voice sing. Marry you by Bruno mars was one of my favorite songs.
"Wow your good!" Jasmine said.
Then I realized. It was me singing. I never really thought myself a singer. Singing and I had little to do. 
"You just gotta join! C'mon it'll be super fun!" 
Jasmine had a great personality. I felt comfortable with her and she didn't care who I was. She was friendly and I wasn't going to know anyone. I sighed.
"Fine! Ill join! Under one condition: we go to the uk after."
"Sure. I was going anyway. I'm trying out for the X factor. And guess who's going to try out with me?" She asked with a glint in her eye.
Uh oh I was in deep shit know. Something told me she wanted me to try out too.

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