Bad Vs. Good

Jaycee's life is great. She has everything she's ever wanted. She has the best grades. A great job at a music company. And she has the best condo in all of London. You'd think with all this success shed be full of herself. But no. Jaycee always helps everyone. Goodie two shoes, try hard? Said by most. On the other hand there's Harry. Harry is living his dream. Being in one direction. Hanging with his best mates. One night stands. One day when Jaycees at work one direction comes in to record with her. Harry looking for sex. Jaycee looking for, love. Will Jaycee break her goodie two shoes reputation to be with harry? Will harry change his ways to be with Jaycee? Or will they be a disaster waiting to happen? Read "Bad vs. Good" to find out. (Btw I'm not trying to belittle Harry :))


2. Chapter 2

Jays POV 

  I woke up the next day super excited. I'm not one to be this cruel but he deserved it! 

I went to my closet and pulled out clothes that were very revealing. I usually never would wear that stuff but whatever pleased harry pleased me. Well not for real but like you know. 

  I through on really small booty shorts and hot pink v- neck tanktop. 

I feel weird but whatever. I finally arrived at the studio. I was early as always, so I sat there and waited. About 10 minutes later the boys walked in. Harry leading the way. He had his head down. 

"Hey zayn can I talk to you?" I asked. 

"Sure." He responded. 

We walked into the hall way and whispered.

"What are you wearing?" He asked. 

"Why you like it." I winked. 

"I have a girlfriend." He laughed putting his hands up. 

"I know I know. Well can you give me a favor?"

He nodded. 

"Get the boys out of there so I can talk to Harry alone." I said. 

"Ok." He walked into the room and said that they had a call but harry couldn't come. I laughed. 

Zayn smiled and walked off with the boys leaving Harry and I. I walked into the room and closed the door. 

Harry's eyes widened when he saw me. 

"So harry you like what what you see?" I asked. 

He nodded. He bit his bottom lip. I walked closer to him and pulled him to his feet. He still staring at me pulled me close to him. His hand going lower to my bum. 

The door opened. "No one called!" Liam yelled. 

Harry looked at me. 

"We can finish this later? Tonight?" I said. I pulled him down to my level and kissed him. 

A/N- hey guys! I don't feel like writing 2 Fanfics cause I'm writing my other one called thank you babe. So check that one out and comment which one I should keep writing. Keep in mind that this one isn't that good. Idk. Lol. But yeah so comment A or B. A for "thank you babe" Or B for "bad vs good" so seriously stop being shy and tell me!!!!! :) -Bri 

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