Trapped with Cody Simpsons

When I went to work at nandos In london I didn't expect to run into Cody Simpson or be stuck in a snow storm with him alone. I'm summer and I'm 18 and she's not into all the boyband types She idmore of rock and roll and not a big fan of Cody Simpsons because she hears it everyday from her lil sister. What happens when summer starts having a crush on him will he feel the same way?


2. Authors note

Tell me what you think and if you want more and contest for her best friend whoever can give me a name. To call you guys I will let you be her best friend also give me your name age eye coler and hair color also slot open for little sister age 12 good luck 

-Sofia :{ oh and I like mustaches the walking dead cookies and one direction :) 

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