Game Over Harry Styles

Victoria, a 18 year old from Los Angelos,CA;finds herself bumping into Harry Styles but this isn't your ordinary classic fanfiction she's not a fan of One Direction and she hears a lot about the one and only Harry Styles and she is determined not to become part of his little game or everyone will be in danger.Everyone is not what they seem.


5. truth or kiss/?

i cant believe i agree to this.

i enter the tour bus and follow zayn to his room.He takes off his shirt annd hops into the bed,ok i have to admit hes pretty cute withought his shirt on.ok ok he is hot,but i wasnt going to say it to his face.'Thanks darling a lot of people think im hot'he says chuckiling.Damn i forgot he could rea my thoughts i wonder what else he could do.'You'll find out later babe'he said winking.'STOP READING MY GODDAMN THOUGHT YOU FUCKER!"i shouted.'Pretty girls dont cuss'he said smirking.'Well im not pretty,im fucking smexy!'i said smugly as i walked out leaving him wanting more.I head to what i think is the living room and sit down.I wasnt really feeling my outfit anymore so i changed into some VS sweats.Good thing noone saw me make that illusion i thought as im flipping through the channels.I see what i think is liam running by with a plastic bird and louis chasing him with a spoon in his hand.'dont worry ill save you kevin!'he screamed.Wtf is wrong with these people?Harry comes out from i guessing is his room and sits by me,very close bye me.I switch the channel to MTV where Awkward is on.Just as im getting really into it he puts his hand on my thigh and says,'So i heard you are into the bad boys, btw i play the wii withought putting on the safety bracelet'he said, obviously satified with himself.Zayn,wherever you are come into the livingroom,harry is bothering me i think.Just as Harry is moving his hand close to my crotch he comes out.'Hey babe!'he replies cheerfully'Wanna play truth or dare?'As im about to reply with a hell no i see liam and louis pop their head into the room.;'Did I hear truth or dare?Count me in'

Which leads to zayn grabbing my hand and pulling me down.'ok you first zayn!'says Niall who came out of nowhere with pizza sauce on his face? 'Ok truth or dare Harry?' he says. 'truth' 'is it true you have a crush on my best friend or do you just want to make her another of your one night stands' 'I-I dont like Victoria shes just a friend!'' MMHM thats not what your hand was saying i think.'ok its niall turn.' Truth or Dare Victoria?' 'Dare' i say feeling like a rebel.'I dare you to kiss Harry"he said smugly.Fuck you,you leprochaun, fuck you.

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