Game Over Harry Styles

Victoria, a 18 year old from Los Angelos,CA;finds herself bumping into Harry Styles but this isn't your ordinary classic fanfiction she's not a fan of One Direction and she hears a lot about the one and only Harry Styles and she is determined not to become part of his little game or everyone will be in danger.Everyone is not what they seem.


6. So much for illusions

RING!RING!RING!whew I'm glad I didn't kiss him.i get my phone,it's a text from an unknown number and it said :yw ,but can u do me a favor love?put on actual clothes. 

I look down and then I look at zayn  and then I look down again.i jump up and run into the room.i put on a pink off the shoulder top with some white skinny jeans


harry's P.O.V

im leaning in wen I hear a loud ring and jump back Victoria looks at whatever it is and then down and up at herself and zayn soon she runs out the room.i grab her phone and see Zayn's number on there.i read it like twelve times trying to figure out wat it meant-put on real clothes?she was wearing clothes tht looked pretty real to me....hmm something is going on here ....and I'm going to find out wat.



ok so I know I haven't made a new chapter in a while but I'm sorry. Leave a comment on what you think Harry will find out.Game Over

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