Game Over Harry Styles

Victoria, a 18 year old from Los Angelos,CA;finds herself bumping into Harry Styles but this isn't your ordinary classic fanfiction she's not a fan of One Direction and she hears a lot about the one and only Harry Styles and she is determined not to become part of his little game or everyone will be in danger.Everyone is not what they seem.


4. I cant believe i agreed to this

'I am a human' he said slowly.

umm what i could tell he was lying i just couldnt figure out what he was.For now hes a person who can see me when im not visible.Hes a seer!'No your not, your a seer!'i shout.'SSh! ' he says.i look at him weird.

'First of all nonone but you can hear me so i suggest you ssh''i snap.'No idc if they see me talking to myself just dont say you know,the word''he replys.'wats your name?'he asks.'Victoria  Rosa Davine and i am a beholder'i say proud of myself.'Aaah your the one im supposed to train'he says.'Ummm hold your role i am fucking 18 years old i think ive learned enough about myself and what i am capable of.''Ok so did you have the dream with harry in it and did you freeze time yet,oh wait you did because i guess you didnt realize there was more to that dream huh?you never finished it i am your gaurdian' 'I dont need a baby-''i am interrupted when 4 boys come in.'Who's the hottie?''says harry.I still remeber him.'i am-''My girlfriend' Zayn interrupts.I shoot him a look and say 'Hes kidding im his best friend.'He shoots me a look that seems to say fine but your going by my rules.'She staying with us from now on right victoria?' i glare at him and nod.


I cant believe i agreed to this i think as i board the tour bus.

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