Game Over Harry Styles

Victoria, a 18 year old from Los Angelos,CA;finds herself bumping into Harry Styles but this isn't your ordinary classic fanfiction she's not a fan of One Direction and she hears a lot about the one and only Harry Styles and she is determined not to become part of his little game or everyone will be in danger.Everyone is not what they seem.


3. He's a what?

Its him.

No it cant be,Ii mean everyone has the same dreams more than once back to back,right?Right?That's probably not even him.I go back and look closer.Fuck, it is.Hey I don't know I might just be starting to like one direction and my body made me have it.Nope that's not possible is it?Well maybe my face in the dream wasn't what I thought it was.Maybe I was him mom.Hmm nope I would've felt that and he said my name.He obviously knew me and I obviously knew him.I probably had a name tag on and-''Hey get down from there''oops I was there more than five minutes , time wasn't frozen anymore I shape shifted and ran.Someone was chasing me so I ran into a door on the left and made myself invisible.Someone opened the door, checked inside some door in here and left. I'm guessing that was the guy chasing me .I'm about to change back when I hear noise coming down the hall I pulled out my phone and texted Beth that I wasn't going to be able to be home for a while and shut it off.I know that I  could transport myself out but something told me I needed to stick around longer.One of the guys the from concert come in, ok from what he looks like I'm guessing its Zayn.'Hey what are you doing in here?'oh fuck, how can he see me?'You see me?''Well yeah you are in damn plain sight if I'm not correct'he snaps.'Security!'He shouts.The same man that was chasing me comes in.'Get her.'Zayn says.'Get who? There is no one in here'and he leaves.'Ok so what are you?'i ask.

'I am a .....'

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