Game Over Harry Styles

Victoria, a 18 year old from Los Angelos,CA;finds herself bumping into Harry Styles but this isn't your ordinary classic fanfiction she's not a fan of One Direction and she hears a lot about the one and only Harry Styles and she is determined not to become part of his little game or everyone will be in danger.Everyone is not what they seem.


1. Bite Me-Prolouge

My body moves smoothly through the water almost as if it was water itself.I go back to the days that  i was so innocent, so...  normal. I'll never be that little girl again, no matter how hard i try.After everything i know my mind is useful to everyone you wouldn't believe how many fairy tales are true.I am everything from witch,fairy,mermaid, vampire etc.Even though i can see the future I didn't no scratch that couldn't imagine what was coming my way.My name is Victoria Rosa Davine and I am a beholder.


OK tell me if i should continue.

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