Changed My Life (COMPLETED)

17 year old Emily is a nobody. Her brother lives in America, her mother passed away and her dad abuses her. Her only friend is Cass, who works with her at McDonalds. What happens when the new kid asks to sit next to Emily in class? What happens when they become friends and maybe more? Harry Styles, you changed my life.


15. The party.

The week went by fast and before I knew it, it was Friday afternoon. Emily’s friendship with all of us was rapidly growing and she began to feel like she could trust us with anything. Now that I know that Emily likes me, I’m going to ask her out on a date. I have it all planned out. I just hope she wants to go.


Emily’s POV.

This has been the most amazing week of my life. It makes me realise that I don’t need my mum, or my brother, or even my dad to make me happy. I CAN be happy, and I have Harry to thank for that. He’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying that because he’s in One Direction, I’m saying it because I mean it. I really like him. A LOT. I hope we go out someday because that would make me even happier.


Me, Harry and the boys were leaving to go the party Harry invited me to and I’m really excited. I haven’t been invited to any parties for a LONG time and I’m really looking forward to it.


When we got there, the house was pounding with music and stunk of alcohol. Harry held my hand and led me to the kitchen to grab a few drinks. I didn’t plan on getting drunk and I’ve never actually been drunk before so I didn’t want to risk it in front of all these people. Big mistake. Within the first hour, I could swear I saw a unicorn on the dance floor. Oh well, YOLO right?


“Spin the bottle!” Some kid yelled from the other side of the room. Harry and I got up and joined all the people in the circle. I think Harry was drunk too, but I was crazy to notice. Just as I expected, I kissed at least 10 guys that night and Harry kissed at least 10 girls. Harry and I kissed about 3 times and each kiss was full of fireworks and butterflies. It was every time we kissed, we became sober and each kiss was magical. Then as we pulled away, we were drunk again and the game moved on. It was the best night of my life.


When the party was dying down and people were starting to leave, Harry and I decided to go outside and try to sober up. We were lying under a tree and Harry had his arm around me like the first day we met. We were looking up at the stars just enjoying life, when suddenly Harry sat up.


“Emily, I just want you to know that you are the most amazing girl I’ve ever met and my life has been 10 times better since I met you. You truly are the most beautiful girl in the world and I really hope you like me just as much as I like you. So I was wondering, would you like to go out with me sometime?” I can’t believe it. Harry’s pouring his heart out to me. Breathe Emily, breathe. Better still, SAY SOMETHING!




Sorry for the short chapter, but the party wasn't supposed to be very interesting. What do you think Emily will say? Do you think she will say yes? Or will she say 'no' to protect her past? Keep reading to find out!


Thank you to EVERYONE who reads this movella. It is amazayn how many people have told me that this is a good story. It means so much to me! Keep reading, liking, commenting, sharing or whatever it is you brilliam people do!


I'm going out today so this will most likely be the only chapter i post today, SORRY :(


My new movella people are still up for grabs! I only need Niall, Liam and Zayn now! Where are you girls?! (Information in mumbles).



- Katie xxx

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