Changed My Life (COMPLETED)

17 year old Emily is a nobody. Her brother lives in America, her mother passed away and her dad abuses her. Her only friend is Cass, who works with her at McDonalds. What happens when the new kid asks to sit next to Emily in class? What happens when they become friends and maybe more? Harry Styles, you changed my life.


21. The Last Day.

This term has gone by really fast and before I knew it, it was the last day of term 1. I had taken a driver’s test and passed so I now have my L’s. Harry let me drive to school today seeing as it was the last day, and it was very scary. He has such a good car and I didn’t want to crash and kill us both. Luckily, I managed to drive us to school alive and Harry told me I did a good job. When I parked the car, I saw Liam and the boys pulling into the car park too. We met up with them and exchanged greetings. When I got inside the school, I saw my two new friends (Yes. I, Emily Baker, made friends!) Jade and Nicole. We hugged each other and talked with the boys about our plans for the holidays. Jade and Nicole were friends with One Direction and Jade had taken a special liking to Zayn. I really hope they go out because they would be the cutest couple. When the bell rang, the boys and I walked to our first class: Science.


The day went by normally for the last day of term and nothing excited happened. We were in last period, which was sport, and we had a relief teacher so most of us were just sitting down on our phones. The boys, Nicole, Jade and I were all sitting in a circle talking about our favourite thing that happened this holiday.

Nicole said, “My favourite part was when me and Emily became friends.”

Jade said, “My favourite part was meeting Zayn.”

Niall said, “My favourite part was when Liam fell down the stairs yesterday!”
Liam said, “My favourite part was when Niall fell over while laughing at me falling over”

Zayn said, “My favourite part was the first day at this school in art. I liked my drawing of Emily.”

Louis said, “My favourite part was when both Niall AND Liam fell over. Suckers!”

I said, “My favourite part was meeting Harry.”

And Harry said, “My favourite part was when I asked Emily out and she said ‘yes’.” That was my favourite part too but I was just too shy to say it, so instead, I blushed a deep red and kissed Harry on the lips passionately (But not too much, because the teacher was watching and we were in front of other people).



Hello everybody! <3

As of tomorrow, this Movella's name will be changed to 'Changed My Life' so don't be alarmed if you think I deleted this movella, because I didn't :)

Love Always,

-Katie xxx

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