Changed My Life (COMPLETED)

17 year old Emily is a nobody. Her brother lives in America, her mother passed away and her dad abuses her. Her only friend is Cass, who works with her at McDonalds. What happens when the new kid asks to sit next to Emily in class? What happens when they become friends and maybe more? Harry Styles, you changed my life.


5. Im on a mission.

“Have a seat Emily and Josh” the principle says. As I sit down I remember what Jessica said about the school’s special guests. I wonder who she was talking about.

I am snapped back to reality when Mr Wilson answers my thoughts.


“Now, I know you may have heard some roumers around the school today about some special guests.”  He guesses. I don’t dare nod my head in case I wasn’t supposed to have heard and Jessica gets in trouble. That would just cause her to bully me even more.


“Well, the roumers are true. From tomorrow, we will have enrolled 5 boys to join this school. They are known as One Direction. I’m sure you have heard about them from the X-Factor show not long ago?” He informs us. I gasp and Josh moans. He must not like them, but I on the other hand, will be attending school with my 5 idols! HORAY!


Your job as school captains is to make them feel welcome. Now Josh, I know being a boy you probably don’t like them that much. So all you have to do is introduce them to a few of your friends and maybe invite them to have lunch with you.” I’m relieved that Josh doesn’t have them all to himself, but I’m disappointed that I might have to do the same job as him.


“And as for you Emily. I know being a girl you probably have posters of them all over your room…” He’s sure as hell right I do! “So your job is to be friends will all of them. I have assigned them all to be in the same classes as you so they don’t feel lost and lonely. And you can even invite them to have lunch with YOU as well.” Oh. My. GOD! Could this day get any better? First I find out that One Direction are going to my school, then I find out that I have to make them feel welcome, then I find out that they’re in all my classes! HORAY FOR ME!


“So tomorrow,” Mr Wilson says, snapping me out of my thoughts again, “Both of you will meet with them outside my office before school and introduce yourselves. Josh, tell them that they can talk to you if they need you and if they need a friend. And Emily, take them to their classes and become their friend. At the end of the term, report back to my office at the end of school and tell me how they are fitting into this school. I will inform the rest of the school at the end of the day so that they pay attention in class. That is all for now, thank you to the both of you.”

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