Changed My Life (COMPLETED)

17 year old Emily is a nobody. Her brother lives in America, her mother passed away and her dad abuses her. Her only friend is Cass, who works with her at McDonalds. What happens when the new kid asks to sit next to Emily in class? What happens when they become friends and maybe more? Harry Styles, you changed my life.


11. A romance blossoming like a flower.

We arrived at my house and I mentally thanked God that my dad likes to go out all day and not come back until night. Gladly, my room is the closest room to the front door so Zayn wouldn’t see any beer bottles and rubbish all over the floor. I put my school uniform, my clothes, my laptop and charger and a few other things in my suitcase, left a note for my dad telling him to call the school about my whereabouts and before I knew it, I was in Zayn’s car on the way to his house.

“So, Emily. I see you’ve taken a fancy to my boy Harry” Zayn says, winking at me.

“Please don’t tell Harry. That would be so embarrassing! He probably doesn’t even like me back.” I say, thinking about how no one would want to go out with a loser like me.

“That is not true. I’m pretty sure Harry doesn’t put his arm around every girl he sits next to. Also he turned his head when you went to kiss him. So in conclusion, Harry totally likes you.” Zayn says, proud that he knows this and the other boys don’t.

“Just don’t tell him. Pinkie promise me Zayn!”

“I Pinkie promise I, Zayn Malik, wont tell Harry Styles of One Direction that you, Emily Baker, like Harry.” He said as he looped his pinkie around mine and we shook hands. As we pulled up to the driveway, I saw their house. IT WAS MASSIVE! It was 2 stories high and it looked like a mansion.

“Wow. Nice house!” I said.

“Thank you. It’s surprisingly close to yours.” He said. I realised this was true because it only look us 2 minutes to get here.


As we entered the house, Harry immediately shot up from the couch and gave me a big bear hug.

“So glad you could make it Emily. Please, come join us.” Harry said.

“Well, SOMEONE’s excited to see Emily” Liam said winking at me.

“Shut up Liam!” Harry yelled, hitting Liam on the arm.

“At least he’s excited to see me!” I say, pretending to be offended by Liam. By now, everyone is sitting on the couch watching some scary movie I’ve never seen before. As I’m about to join them, I realise that there’s no more space left on the couch.

“Oh, I’ll just sit on the floor” I say, trying to seem disappointed. I sit in front of Harry on the floor hoping he’ll join me when suddenly, a pair of arms lift me up and sit me on top of them. I turn around and see Harry smiling.

“Thanks.” I whisper to him, cuddling up to his chest to try and get warm. It’s only 5 o’clock in the afternoon and it’s freezing! Australia has some crazy weather! One day its 30˙C and the next its 15˙C. To my advantage, today is a cold day. Harry gets up and returns with a blanket as I snuggle with him again.

“Oh that’s cute” Zayn says winking at Harry and I. I poke my tongue out at him and Harry just blushes. I’m beginning to agree with Zayn about Harry liking me.


The movie is at a really scary part and I’ve been yelling almost throughout the whole movie when I notice Harry grab my hand and hold onto it for support. I smile to myself then stop as I realise I haven’t eaten since lunch.

“I’m hungry. Do you have any food?” I ask, mainly to Niall because I know about his obsession with food. He leaves to what I assume was the kitchen and comes back with 3 bowls of popcorn. He distributes them and as he gives Harry and I a bowl, he whispers in my ear, “I know you like him, you can’t hide anything from Nialler!” I put a finger to my lips signalling him to shush and he returns to his seat. 

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