Everything's Changed (The Lost Kiss Sequel)

Niall Horan and Lily Hunter are known worldwide as the 'world's cutest couple.' They have a perfect relationship. They can trust each other even with a long distance relationship. That's all what Stacey Meyer wants when she starts dating Harry Styles. Unlike her best friend, Stacey isn't having such a good relationship. Harry is known for being his cheeky self, and the long distance relationship isn't helping him out. Not only that, Stacey is getting hate from the fans daily. Stacey is worried about her relationship with Harry, and feels weaker and weaker each day. Harry promises her that everything will work out, and tries his best to keep their long distance relationship. But like any other 18-year-old boy, Harry messes up not only his relationship, but Stacey too. *SEQUEL TO THE LOST KISS*


6. New Friends

Stacey's POV

"Hey are you ready? The boys should be here any second." I poked my head in the bathroom while Lily was fixing her hair up.

"Almost! Hold on," she finished the last touches and zipped up her makeup bag. "Let's go!" she excitedly jumped and pushed past me running into her room, before coming out with her purse and phone.

Harry and Niall invited us to go to the V Festival with them today. We were going to meet up with Louis and Liam, who brought Eleanor and Danielle with them. It was like a group date I guess you could say, right?

We sat down on the curb outside while we waited for the boys who were running late. "Guess what." Lily put her bag down next to her and smiled.
"Que pasa?"

"Niall told me there's gonna be some other famous people there, and he'll introduce us to them." she beamed. Meeting celebrities were her and my thing.

My eyes widened. "Who?! Harry didn't tell me a thing!"

She shrugged. "I don't know. All Niall told me was we're going to hopefully meet celebrities! This is insane!" She threw her hands in the air and lied down on her back. "We're meeting famous people! This is crazy!"

I laughed. "You know you're dating a celebrity. And you're pretty much famous too, considering the fact that you and Niall are the world's cutest couple."

She sat up and leaned on her elbows. "Shut up I bet ninety-five percent of the population doesn't know who I am."

"Oh really."

"Yes really! It's probably just the fandom who knows who I am. And I'm guessing five percent of this world are fans. Probably even less."

I shrugged and saw a guy who looked a couple years younger than us and I stood up and walked to him.
"Stacey what are you doing?" Lily whispered-yelled. I shushed her and tapped the boy on his shoulder.

"Excuse me."

"Uh… hi," the boy awkwardly said. I could tell he wasn't liking this situation.

"Can I just ask you a quick question? It won't take long. I promise."

"Uh… okay..?"

"Do you know who Lily Hunter is?"

"Lily who?"

"Lily Hunter."

The boy thought for a minute and shook his head, confused. "No, sorry. Am I supposed to?"

I shook my head. "No. I was just wondering. Thanks though!" I turned around and walked back to Lily who was looking at me like I was mental. She gives me that look a lot.

"Are you an idiot or are you an idiot? What did you ask him?" she shrieked.

I sat down and shrugged. "All I asked him if he knows who Lily Hunter is."

"And.. What did he say?"

I shook my head. "Nope. He probably thought I was some retarded teenage girl."

"And he's probably right," she laughed.

I threw my bag at her. "Shut up Lilian."

She stopped laughing and shot me a death glare. "Don't you dare call me Lilian that's against the law. How many times do I have to repeat that?!"

I laughed at her. "I'll name my daughter Lilian after you. Wouldn't that be lovely."

"I swear you get even weirder every day. What has that boy done to you?"

"Who Harry?" I shrugged and was about to respond before a loud honk interrupted us. "Hey, look who finally decided to show up." I grabbed my purse and stood up. Niall stopped in front of us and I climbed in the car after Lily.
"You're late." Lily patted her boyfriend on the shoulder and sat behind him. "That's how it goes."

"Hey babe," Niall smiled at her ignoring her comment. "Are you guys ready to have fun!"
"You didn't tell me about meeting celebrities." I told Harry. Harry turned around and smiled, giving me a quick kiss. "So? You're dating one so you don't need to worry about all those celebrities."

"Funny," Lily commented. "She said the exact same thing to me."


We arrived at the festival half an hour later, and all four of us were excited. "Let's go!" Harry raised his fist the air and grabbed my hand. "Want anything to drink first?" he asked me. I shook my head. "I'm fine. Hey, we just got here!"
"Hey hey hey, hold on. No alcohol for little Miss Stacey here. She's already mean hyper so there's no point in getting her drunk. I don't want to experience drunk Stacey."
"What about you?" Niall joked and put his arm around her.

"Oh shut up." She playfully shoved his shoulder.

"What?" he laughed. "I bet you're even worse."

"Niall no I'm not," she pouted and crossed her arms.

"It's okay. I love ya." He smiled and kissed her head. Lily smiled. "Of course you do."

"Couples these days," Harry sighed and shook his head, holding back a smile.

"Speak for ya self, mate." Niall slapped of his head.

Harry threw back his head and laughed. "You're too funny Niall."
"And you're not."

"Hey! Of course I'm funny!"


"You're just jealous."

Niall laughed sarcastically. "Oh of course I'm jealous of your inexistence comedic side."

"You're such a nice friend!" Harry complimented sarcastically and lead us over to where Liam and Louis were.


The next few hours went great. Yes, Lily and I had our chance of meeting a few other celebrities that were friends with the boys. As much fun it was and being our awkward selves, Lily and I felt weird hanging out with all the famous people. What? It's not like we would that every day.

We ate, we talked, we walked around, we sang along to the music. We did the normal stuff all day long.




Harry bumped into somebody but regained his balance before falling over. The boy picked up his phone and drink from the floor.

"Sorry mate." Harry apologized and immediately grabbed my hand.

"It's okay. Nothing to worry about. I'm Carter," the boy smiled and slightly nodded. I could feel Harry tense and his hand tightened around mine, and I squeezed it back to assure him that he has nothing to worry about.

The boy had a mini bad boy image tattooed all over him. You could see a tattoos up his arm and wore black all over: shoes, pants, shirt, and a nice leather jacket.


"From One Direction, eh?" the guy smirked and laughed.

Harry didn't smile. He just nodded. "Yeah, I am and there's nothing to laugh about."

Carter raised his hands in defense. "Sorry pal, didn't mean to offend you."

Harry shrugged. "Whatever. It's okay."

"So, I didn't catch your name, love." Carter turned to me.

Harry tensed and stepped closer to me. His hand tightened around mine and I was pretty sure Carter was oblivious to Harry's protective side. I gave Harry a reassuring squeeze telling him not to worry. I was not interested in Carter, never.

"Stacey. Stacey Miller."

"You're American?"


"That's nice. I have a cousin who lives there. From which part?"


"That's cool. Never met a Texan before in my life. I have now I guess!" he chuckled and stuck one of his hands in his pocket.

"So are you attending Uni here instead of in Texas?"

"Yeah, well kinda. I go to the University of Texas but I'm spending two semesters here."

"That's nice, really nice. Oh University of Texas, they beat University of Michigan in football. That's where my cousin lives, in Michigan. I remember talking to him about that."

I nodded and was about to respond before a girl came up and put her arms around Carter's neck and kissed his cheek. Carter's face brightened immediately and hugged and kissed her. "Look who decided to show up."

She shrugged. "I got a friend to take my shift for me."

He raised his eyebrow and laughed. "And she agreed?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I told her I'd take her shift tomorrow." She turned to us and smiled. "I'm Lea."

"I'm Stacey, and this is Harry."

Harry smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"Hey, aren't you the lad from One Direction?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah."

"That's cool," Lea smiled. "Like the band a lot. You guys have some nice songs."
"Thank you."

"I've been told some nice things about you boys. I'm friends with Taylor, you've met her right?"

"Taylor Swift?"

She nodded.

Harry shrugged. "I've met her a few times. She's nice."

Lea smirked and crossed her arms. Harry was still tense and I could feel him getting tenser.

"Are y'all like together or something? Like dating?" I asked Lea and Carter to break off the tension that was building up inside of Harry before he exploded. Carter smiled and wrapped his arms around Lea. "Two years and still going strong."

Harry's hand immediately loosened and I heard him breathe out.

"That's nice. Congrats." I smiled as sweetly as I could.

"Thank you! And you two?"

"Four months and a half," Harry said replied a little harshly. I squeezed his hand in attempt to calm him down. He squeezed back.

"That's cute."

For the next hour or so, Harry and I talked to the couple. The more we got to know them, the more I started to like them. Or at least I did. They weren't as bad as I thought they would be. They were are age, just like two years older. Carter had just graduated from the university in the summer and Lea was in her last year, finishing up her degree. They had met during Lea's first year at the university at a party and were together ever since. By the time the sun started to set, Harry was laughing and acting like his normal self. He even wanted to get a picture with them.

"You should definitely instagram that." Carter said in a gayish voice.

"You're annoying," Lea muttered and shook her head.

Harry agreed with Carter and posted it on instagram for everyone to see. "New friendstagram," he said out loud as he typed it in his phone.

"Stagram, nice Harry." Carter laughed.

Harry shrugged and smiled, sticking his phone back in his pocket. "It's my thing. No stealing," he joked and warned them."

"It was nice to meet y'all!" I hugged Lea and Carter.

"You too! It's been a pleasure," Lea said cheerfully.

"Why don't we hangout sometime soon?" Harry offered Carter and Lea.

"The three of us agreed and exchanged numbers before Harry and I headed back to the car. "Tell Taylor I say hi!" Harry called out and Lea smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"So what did you think of them?" Harry asked and put his arm around me, pulling me close.

"They're cool." I shrugged. "You looked like you were going to attack Carter at first, though." I laughed.

"I thought he was trying to make a move on you. He was semi-flirting with you in a way. I think."

"Carter wasn't flirting."

"I thought he was! Geez girls are oblivious these days." He shook his head, hiding a smile. I punched his shoulder which caused them to laugh out loud.

"But they're cool. I'm positive we made some new friends," he said and kicked the rock out of his way. "Hey! Now don't you start singing the theme song." Harry warned me. I laughed and opened my mouth to sing despite his teasing and glaring face. "Rocking around the Christmas tr-" I sang, hopefully not too loud.

"It's not even Christmas!" Harry whined and covered my mouth with his hand as we both laughed the rest of the way to the car. Harry opened the back door and I climbed in followed by Harry.

"What took you guys so long?" Niall turned around from the driver's seat.
"We met some new friends," I answered as Harry eyed me, waiting for me to start singing the theme song from "Friends" so he can shut me up.

"Must be some cool people," Lily said but didn't look up from her phone.

I shrugged. "Lea did say she's friends with Taylor Swift."

"Taylor Swift?!" she shrieked. Lily jumped in her seat and turned around. "Why didn't you call me?"

"It's not like Taylor was there or something. But I could call Lea if you want." I laughed knowing Lily would freak.

"No, it's okay. By the way, Niall offered to treat y'all to Nandos right now."

Niall happily nodded. "Feeling like eating some chicken. What do ya say?"

"Chicken it is!" Harry cheered and danced in his seat.

"Harry shut up!" Lily said excitedly and turned around to slap him.

"Hey! What was that for?"

Lily turned the volume higher and the radio blasted through the car.

"Aw look who's song is on the radio." I smiled and pinched Harry's cheek.

"Let's go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun!" Lily started singing along with the song but Niall immediately shut her up before our ears bled. "Lily, please don't sing," Niall pleaded. "I'm going to end up crashing the car and having the four of us taken to the ER because of your singing abilities. That would make a great headline for the news right?"

Lily punched him his arm while my laugh echoed the rest of the day to the restaurant. 


***Author's Note

hi guyss!! sorry for the wait! so what do yall think about carter and lea?? it'll be really interesting to know what yall think about them haha. don't worry it won't be the last you'll see of them...... o.O

and i do have a nily chapter coming realllly soon so keep an eye out for that too :D

thanks for reading & being patient! -clarice ((btw keep in mind we're still in fall 2012))

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