Everything's Changed (The Lost Kiss Sequel)

Niall Horan and Lily Hunter are known worldwide as the 'world's cutest couple.' They have a perfect relationship. They can trust each other even with a long distance relationship. That's all what Stacey Meyer wants when she starts dating Harry Styles. Unlike her best friend, Stacey isn't having such a good relationship. Harry is known for being his cheeky self, and the long distance relationship isn't helping him out. Not only that, Stacey is getting hate from the fans daily. Stacey is worried about her relationship with Harry, and feels weaker and weaker each day. Harry promises her that everything will work out, and tries his best to keep their long distance relationship. But like any other 18-year-old boy, Harry messes up not only his relationship, but Stacey too. *SEQUEL TO THE LOST KISS*


2. London Surprises

Stacey's POV

"What?" Harry exclaimed on the other end of the phone. "Are you kidding me? You're going to be in London?"

I smiled. "Yup. For two semesters though."

"How come you've never told me this before?"

"Well, I just knew about this yesterday. The head offered me two semesters in London."

"That's great, babe. It's really amazing! I get to see you more often."

I could imagine Harry smiling.

"When are you coming?" He asked me.

"I'm thinking whenever Lily goes. Like mid-July?"

He stayed quiet for a minute, thinking. "Hey, that means we can go to some Olympic events if you want."

"Are you serious?!" I had totally forgotten about the Olympics being in London this summer.

Harry chuckled. "I'll take that as a yes."

"You're the best!"

"Anything for my girl. Is Lily going to University in London or a university in Ireland?"

"London. It's been her dreams forever, but I think she might take a semester in Ireland later on. Maybe next year."

"You should just go to London University for good, ya know?"

I smiled. "I wish, but us Millers gotta stick with the Longhorns."

I heard him laugh again on the other end of the line. "Hey, can you Skype soon? I miss seeing your pretty face."

I blushed and giggled. "No, can't now. It's my brother's birthday today and we're going to celebrate it tonight."


"Yeah, him. He's turning 21 today so it's a pretty big deal for him, if you know what I mean."

"He's going to get drunk tonight, already?" Harry joked and laughed.

"Harry Styles!"

"I'm just kidding." He said kept on laughing.

"I bet you got drunk on your eighteenth birthday."

He calmed down before answering. "Yeah I kinda did, maybe. But tell him I say 'happy birthday.'"

"Figured. And will do."

"Matthew's the one I met, right?" he asked me.

"Nope. You met Joey."

"He's the oldest, right?"

"Yeah. Oldest and proud," I mocked my brother.

"And then there is the two little twinnies. Ah Jordyn and Emma."

"Yeah, they're the innocent yet evil people of the house."

"How old are they?" he asked.
"Seven, they'll be eight in like a month or so."

"So a family of five. That must be really fun. I only had Gemma."

"Interesting is the right word," I corrected him. I heard footsteps coming upstairs, recognizing it's my mom.

"Hey, Harry? I gotta go now. Talk to you soon."

"Bye, Stacey. Miss you! Can't wait to see you."

"Can't wait to see you, too." I smiled and hung up. I twirled in my chair and looked around my room. I've taken most of the posters down, only to disappoint Harry. I told him I'll feel like an over obsessive girlfriend. I left a three posters in total and the cardboard cutout of him. He shrugged it off, but the next day came with a larger printed picture of the two of us.

"You like it?" he had asked me and placed it next to the others.

I nodded and hugged him. "It's beautiful. Thank you."

"Was that Harry on the phone?" My mom walked in and snapped me out of my thoughts. She walked to my closet and hung my freshly ironed dress that she wanted me to wear tonight.

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah."

"You excited to see him so soon?"

I nodded. "More than ever."

"I’m going to miss you so much, Stacey. Number three going off to college!" she sat on my bed and smiled.

"I can't wait to go to London. But seriously, London? For a year? This is the definition of insanity!" I screamed in excitement.

My mom laughed. "London, London, London. Who knows what you could do there? Hey, don't you dare think of drinking. I know you'll be legal to, but don't you even think about." She warned me.

"I know." I assured her.

"No, I want you to listen. I don't care if Harry goes out. I don't want you to go with him. I'll have Lily keep an eye on you. I talked to her mom and she's not letting her go either."

"Mom, trust me. I hate alcohol. It smells like the worst thing ever. I'm not going to drink."

"I'm still warning you."

I groaned and leaned back on my chair.

"I'm going to miss you so much, you know?"

I turned the chair around and faced her. "Yeah, me too. I'll be back for Christmas though, right?"

She nodded. "There's no Christmas without one of my children missing."

I stood up and walked my mom, giving her a hug. "I love you, Mommy."

"Love you too, Stacey."


"This is honestly going to be the best year ever. I'm not even kidding, Stacey. We're in London. London! Both of us! I mean, that head person whoever is literally the best man on the planet. Two semesters in London? I love him so much! I should make him some cookies!" Lily blabbered on as we got out of the gate, heading to the security stations.

"But imagine all the stuff we can do here! And it's Olympic season! And it's so pretty here and everyone's nicer than the States. Ooh we probably could meet the Queen!" She continued on.

"And we could meet Michael Phelps!" I said going along with her things to do here.

"Huh? He doesn't live in London."

"He's in the Olympics, stupid." I reminded her.

"Oh yeah. We actually could meet him. Which events is Harry taking you to?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I told him I liked watching swimming and gymnastics so maybe those? What about you?"

"Soccer for sure. And probably something else, dunno yet. But aren't you excited? They're performing at the closing ceremony! Like I don't know what else One Direction is going to end up doing. Performing on the moon maybe?!"

"Lily, please calm down. People are going to think you're mental. Which you are."

"Shut up. I'm just utterly excited."

"No kidding, Lily." I laughed.

We waited in line for not a long time and checked in our passports and that kind of stuff. We walked to the luggage pickup, thankfully not getting lost in the airport. We waited by the carts as the suitcases started to come out.

I turned on my phone and slipped in back in my pocket, just in case anyone contacted me. I felt two arms around me and hugged me tight. I squealed and jumped back. Harry just laughed in response. "Hey, babe."

I turned around and hugged him back. "Harry!"

"Someone's a little excited." He smiled, exposing his dimple.

I shrugged. "Maybe a little. But not as excited as Lily. I'm dead serious, she wouldn't shut up the past few hours."

He shook his head laughing and held me close. "Do I get a kiss?" He stuck his bottom lip out.

I giggled and nodded. "Of course you do."

He smiled and wrapped my arms around my waist. He leaned down to kiss me. I pulled away seconds later and hugged him.

"I missed you," he said quietly so only I could hear.

"Will you guys just get a room?" Niall said which made me jump. "Niall!" Lily slapped him.

"Niall seriously stop ruining my moments!" Harry pouted. Niall just shrugged and rubbed his arm. "You're in public."

Harry glared at him.

Niall ignored Harry's glares and opened his arms wide to hug me. "Stacey! How've you been?"

"Pretty good, actually. You?"

"Eh, I've been good. But your boyfriend over there has been talking nonstop about you it's been crazy." He pointed to Harry who blushed.

"Yeah, it's not like your girlfriend would ever shut up about you. We got the same problems, my friend." I smiled and told him.

Niall chuckled. "I like this girl, Harry."

Harry widened his eyes. "She's mine, and you've already got your own."

Niall laughed even louder. "I know, Harry. But trust me. Lily's a million times better."

Lily and I glanced at each other, and we were both trying so hard not to laugh. Harry was going to argue even more, but the security guards told us it was time to leave. We went through passageways I never thought I would walk into. Thankfully, many fans didn’t show up at the airport.

"My car is over there, come on." Harry took my hand and rolled the cart to his car, followed my Niall and Lily.

"Can we fit all the stuff in here?" Lily asked as we helped put the suitcases in.

"I swear girls don't need all this stuff."

"If you don't know Niall I'm going to live here for the next few years," Lily reminded him.

"But still," Harry whined and closed the trunk. He put the extra two suitcases in the back of the car. "Wow, I'm surprised this all fit," I said and I sat in the front seat.

"So where's the casa?" Harry asked us.

Lily searched through her purse for the address. "It's by the university… oh here it is."

She handed him the address and he punched in the letters on the GPS.



Two weeks later I walked around the quiet house. Niall and Harry helped us a lot moving in. Earlier, Niall took Lily to an Olympic event. Harry was going to come by in a few minutes and take me to a swimming event. Yes, Michael Phelps was competing in it. I remember the past two summer Olympics, I couldn't wait to watch him compete. Now I get to watch him live. How crazy is that?

The door rang and I picked up my purse and walked to the door. I opened it to see a smiling Harry.

"Hey, Stace." He hugged me and gave me a quick kiss. He took my hand in his and led me to the car.

"You excited?" He asked me when we were both seated.

"Are you kidding? I'm more than excited. Thank you again. Really."

"Anytime. But do I have to compete with Michael Phelps? You seem more into him than me."

I laughed, my sides hurting. "Harry," I breathed out. I calmed down before I continued. "Harry you know how old he is? He's like ten years older than me."

"But you've been talking about him for ages? And you said he's attractive? Am I not attractive or something? Aren't my curls good enough?" Harry pouted like a baby.

"Harry Styles, you're one special child."

Harry glared at me, but then laughed it off. We kept on talking about the most random things ever, and sang along with radio.

"You have a beautiful voice," Harry said.

"Really? Why, thank you so much! I was thinking of trying out for the X-Factor or something." I flipped my hair and thanked him.

"What? You're kidding right?"

"Well thanks for your encouragement, Harry!" I laughed.

"What? I'm just saving you from embarrassing yourself!" He laughed and grabbed my hand, holding it in his.

"You're such a nice boyfriend," I told him sarcastically.

"Why, thank you! I know I'm the best!" He shrieked in a sassy tone. I shake my head and turn on the music louder.

"So call me maybe!" I sang along with the song until we got to the games. We parked nearby the pool and headed out. Harry insisted on me carrying a British flag, but I protested.

"I’m not British, Harry! I’m going for Phelps! I'm Americanoooo!"

"But you live in England now," he argued and put his arm around me.

"That's not going to change anything."

"But Niall told me Lily's going for Ireland. You should go for England!"

"Harry, she's always cheered for Ireland. She's Irish, remember?"

"Oh. Oh yeah, she is. But still. You're boyfriend is British!" We got to the entrance and Harry gave the security our tickets.

"Enjoy the game!" the lady told us. We thanked her and found a spot, not to far nor not to close.

"And you're girlfriend's American. So I wouldn't speak." I smiled.

We waited a while for the meet to begin. It wasn't that long of a wait, thankfully. Finally, the swimmers began to walk out. I may or may not have gotten a little excited when I saw Michaels walk out. I couldn't believe I was watching this live. Michael Phelps LIVE.

As usual, Phelps won, winning another gold to his collection. I cheered him on throughout the entire thing, not aware of the cameras. Before the end of the meet, Harry stood up and gave me his hand.

"Where are we going?" I followed him to the back of the building, where we met a security guard.

"You'll see, Stace. Hold on a minute." He smirked and winked at me. He took me to a room and knocked on the door.

"Harry, what is this?"
"Hold on, babe. You have to be patient." He smiled and squeezed my hand. The door opened and there was Michael Phelps standing in the door. I don't know how I reacted. I just stood there frozen. I mean, Michael Phelps was standing in front of me. In real life. I glanced over at Harry who was smiling like a maniac.

"So I heard from Harry here you're a big fan?" Michael snapped me out of my thoughts and asked me.

"Yeah. Hi, I'm Stacey." I managed to say. I couldn't process the information in my head. Michael Phelps was in front of me and this wasn't a dream.

"I've got to get going in a few minutes, I have some kind of interview. Yeah, I know bad timing. So I got this ready for you, and we could snap a picture if you want?" He handed me a signed towel and a shirt. Oh my god. Oh, and a poster.

"Yeah! That'll be great! And thank you so much!"

I handed Harry my phone and he snapped a few pictures of Michael and me. I'm not going to lie. This was amazing! I hugged Michael before I left, thanking him, congratulating him, and wishing him good luck in future events. Harry closed the door behind us and lead me to his car.

"You're the best boyfriend ever!" I shrieked and hugged him.

He chuckled. "Thanks for reminding me."

"No, I'm serious, Harry. I just met Michael Phelps. My life has been made. Thank you so much!"

He smiled and opened the door for me. "As I said before, anything for my girl."

I blushed. 'My girl.' Was I the luckiest girl in the world, or what?

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