Everything's Changed (The Lost Kiss Sequel)

Niall Horan and Lily Hunter are known worldwide as the 'world's cutest couple.' They have a perfect relationship. They can trust each other even with a long distance relationship. That's all what Stacey Meyer wants when she starts dating Harry Styles. Unlike her best friend, Stacey isn't having such a good relationship. Harry is known for being his cheeky self, and the long distance relationship isn't helping him out. Not only that, Stacey is getting hate from the fans daily. Stacey is worried about her relationship with Harry, and feels weaker and weaker each day. Harry promises her that everything will work out, and tries his best to keep their long distance relationship. But like any other 18-year-old boy, Harry messes up not only his relationship, but Stacey too. *SEQUEL TO THE LOST KISS*


3. I Promise

Stacey's POV

"See you after classes tomorrow? I have a meeting, but it finishes at 2." Harry said as we walked hand-in-hand to my apartment I shared with Lily. I nodded. "Of course! I finish at 3:30 tomorrow."

"You excited?"

I shrugged. "Yeah, a bit. Nervous."

"You'll do great. I know it." Harry smiled.

"We'll see." I shrugged.

Harry smirked.


"You shrug a lot." He shrugged and the elevator door finally opened.

"Don't make fun of me Harry." I pouted. "Hey you just shrugged yourself!"

"I didn't say anything bad about it." Harry laughed.

I shook my head and searched my pocket for my keys. I unlocked the door and walked in, Harry on my heels.

"Lily! I'm back!" I yelled throwing my stuff on the couch, and I walked to the fridge. "Do you want anything to eat?" I asked Harry.

"Stacey we just ate." He chuckled.

I looked at him and shrugged. "I’m just being a nice host."

He smiled. "You're special."

"Thank you," I said returning the smile. "If that's a good thing."
"It is. It makes me like you more." He walked closer to me.

I felt my cheeks blushing. "I like you too. But you never answered my question."

"No, it's fine. But I'll have some water if you don't mind."

"On your way." I smiled and gave him a quick kiss. Before I could open the cabinet he grabbed my wrist and held me close to him. He leaned in for another kiss.

"No ice, please." He smirked and kissed me again.

"Keep it PG!" Lily yelled and walked in the kitchen, scaring both Harry and me. I jumped back and bumped into the cabinet.

"Geez Lily, don't scare me like that ever again."

She shrugged and poured herself a glass of water. "Keeping it PG!"

"Lily," Harry began. "I'm quite positive you and Nial- OW!"

Lily's mouth dropped and she stared at Harry, her face red. She grabbed a plum from behind her and threw it at him, hitting him in the chest. I leaned against the counter and held back my laugh.

"Your boyfriend's unbelievable!" She turned to me and raised her arms in the air. I just laughed in response.

"Aw you're blushing!" Harry said in a girly voice.

"I have a medicine ball in the closet, and I'm a pretty good thrower." she warned Harry.

"A medicine ball? Why would you have that?" Harry cried out.

"Because…" Lily tried to come up with an excuse but couldn’t make one up. "Fine! I don’t have one but I'm serious Harry. You're unbelievable."

"Just like yours." I smiled and got Harry his glass of water.

"You're just jealous, Lily. We all know that." Harry smirked and took a drink of his water.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny, Styles."

"So where's that crazy boy?"

"If you're talking about Niall," Stacey grabbed a plum and walked over to the couch. "He's home. He left about an hour ago."

"Speaking of going home, I better get going." Harry said putting the cup in the sink. He walked up and hugged me, kissing me quickly.

"We don't want Lily to see that, do we?" he whispered in my ear.

"I heard that!"

I laughed and walked him out the door. "See you tomorrow." I smiled and closed the door.
"Geez Lily you're so embarrassing." I sat next to her and grabbed my laptop off the table.

"You guys are so cute though." She smiled innocently.

"You're strange." I shook my head and getting comfortable on the couch. Lily had some TV show that I didn’t care about on, and it was no use in changing it.

Being bored as I was, I checked twitter to burn time.


Who does she think she is dating harry


Harry could do better than her. She's not even pretty


She used Lily to get to Harry, we all know the truth guys


She's just another beard like eleanor.


Leave my harry alone bitch. he's mine ok.


My mentions were filled with tweets similar to those. I wanted to ignore them, but I couldn’t. I kept reading every single one of them. I couldn’t stop.


I looked up to see Lily with a worried expression on her face.


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, never better." I fake smiled and turned back my focus to my laptop.

"Give me your laptop." Lily ordered and just snatched it way from my hands before I could reply. She looked through the tweets, reading each one. Every few she would glance up at me, and she gave me a sympathetic look.

"Yours are that bad?" she closed my laptop and set it aside.

I shrugged and nodded. "You don't get the same?" I asked her.

She was silent for a moment. "No, I don’t get tweets that bad. I get some but they're not as bad as yours."

I bit the inside of my mouth and stayed silent.

"They're just jealous Stacey. Don't let them get to you, okay? See, here's a respectful person. 'Stacey was just like one of us, a fan, but she got lucky, she just you would've wanted. If Harry's happy, I'm happy.'"

"But that's just one person." I mumbled.

"Stacey, listen. Ignore them, okay? What matters is you're happy. Which you are, right?"

I nodded and smiled, thinking of Harry.

"So ignore them. Let them be. Capiche?"

"Stop imitating my dad Lily." I warned her.

"Capiche?" She repeated.

"Gosh you're annoying! Capiche!" I groaned and stood up, getting a plum.

"How hard did you throw it at him?"

"Pretty hard. But I didn't expect it to hurt that bad," she replied. "I mean, plums aren't apples."

"Thank goodness you didn't throw the apple."

"That would have been pretty entertaining to see." She chuckled. I gave her a look in response. "What?" She defended herself. "He was-"

"I get the point!" I laughed and threw the pillow at her to shut up. "Lily, please don't even."

"See. He's the strange one. Not me."

"Ha ha. Nice joke."

"Just shut up and let me enjoy my TV time."

"Let's watch a movie instead." I stood up and took out the DVD box.

"Ooh let's watch 'Mean Girls.'

"Again?" I pouted.




"Lily?" The movie had just finished, and we were just to head off to bed.


"Not to be mean or anything, but why am I getting more hate than you?"

Lily sighed and leaned against the wall. "I guess.. I don't know. I guess its cause they're  more Harry girls? I don't know. I-I.. But don't worry about them. When you see another tweet, call me and I'll tweet them back, k? They can't hurt my best friend."

I nodded and hugged her. "Thank you."

She smiled. "Now we gotta go get some sleep cause we're gonna be college girls tomorrow! Woo!"

"University of London here we come!"



"Lily wake up you lazy bum!" I walked into her room and turned on the radio, highering up the volume. She groaned in response and turned over, covering her hears.

"Turn it off. I'm still sleeping," she mumbled.

"It's the first day of college, we gotta be up bright and early." I opened up the blinds and through a random t-shirt on her. "Come on! We don't want to be late on our first day!" I shook her awake and walked out of the room. I grabbed my favorite white pants and a t-shirt and headed for the shower.

An hour and a half later I was walking to my first university class ever. Heck I was nervous. I mean, it's university. I walked in the half-filled classroom and sat in the back. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I quickly checked it before putting it on silent.

Have fun babe :)) I know you'll do great xx

I smiled to myself and texted him back.

Thank you, see you later xx

Within the next ten minutes the 25 seats were filled, and at exactly 8:15 the professor came in the room. "Good morning everyone, and welcome to the mathematics course. I enjoy math, and I hope you guys too so we can enjoy the semester together," the middle-aged man introduced himself to the class. "I've been told I'm a very helpful professor. I'm Professor Watson by the way, not related in any way with Emma Watson."

A few people chuckled at his small joke. I guess this class wasn't going to be bad after all. Not that I hated math, but many math professors tend to be boring. The next hour consisted of him giving us instructions of the class and as we exited the class, he handed us a worksheet to do for the night.

The rest of my classes weren't too bad, either. Thank goodness. This semester was turning out great, and hopefully it will stay that way. I headed to the small café where I was supposed to meet Lily. I waited five minutes before calling her.

"Yo where are you. I'm at the café."

"Harry didn't text you?"


"Oh, he told me he was going to pick you up. I left like ten minutes ago."

At that moment, I felt arms wrapping behind me and a kiss on the side of my head. I turned around and smiled at Harry.

"Gotta go, Lily. See ya." I hung up and turned to face him.
"You were supposed to text me Harry." I smirked and hugged him.

"Can't a boy surprise his girl?"

I smiled and kissed him. "You're such a walking cliché Styles."

"But you like me don't you."

"Unfortunately." I sighed. I took his hand in mine and walked in the little café. "But only if you get me my coffee."

"Anything for my girl." he smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.


We ordered some coffee and took a walk in the park nearby. It wasn't a crowded place and the weather was perfect. We talked about different things; my first day at the university, his meetings, and the most random stuff we could come up with.

"Stacey? Can I ask you something?" Harry stopped walking and sat down by a tree. He patted the spot next to him and pulled me down with him, hugging me close.

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Lily told me what you read yesterday."

I stayed quiet and waited for him to continue.

"Don't let them get to you, okay? They're just jealous on how perfect you are. They're not as beautiful as you, and they don't have your personality. And for sure they don't have your terrible sense of humor."

I fiddled with my hands and stared at my lap.

"Hey, babe look at me." Harry turned my face and stared right into my eyes. "Please don't let them get into you, okay?"

I shrugged and nodded. "Okay."


I nodded again.

"You're positive? You're going to keep your promise?"

I nodded once more and held out my pinky. "I promise."

Harry interlocked his pinky with mine. "Promise is a promise and you can't break a pinky promise." He smiled so that his dimples showed.

I giggled and shook my head. "You're such a kid."

"But look at the bright side," he said totally ignoring my comment. "You're dating your celebrity crush. And they aren't." He smiled even bigger.

I glared at him. "Harry Styles shut up."

"What? It is the bright side and you got to look on the bright side," he laughed before leaning in for a kiss. 


- hope y'all like it :)

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