Everything's Changed (The Lost Kiss Sequel)

Niall Horan and Lily Hunter are known worldwide as the 'world's cutest couple.' They have a perfect relationship. They can trust each other even with a long distance relationship. That's all what Stacey Meyer wants when she starts dating Harry Styles. Unlike her best friend, Stacey isn't having such a good relationship. Harry is known for being his cheeky self, and the long distance relationship isn't helping him out. Not only that, Stacey is getting hate from the fans daily. Stacey is worried about her relationship with Harry, and feels weaker and weaker each day. Harry promises her that everything will work out, and tries his best to keep their long distance relationship. But like any other 18-year-old boy, Harry messes up not only his relationship, but Stacey too. *SEQUEL TO THE LOST KISS*


7. Ditching Dates?

Stacey's POV

Weeks went by; One Direction was out promoting their album, and Lily and I were enjoying being college girls in London. Harry and I had talked to Lea and Carter a few times, which involved a double pizza date.

Both Lea and Carter were nice people, yet I didn’t really enjoy hanging out with them. They just weren't the type of people I would hang out with. Harry on the other hand found similarities with Carter and the both of them hit off pretty well.

Another week at the university went by; the same old routine. Friday finally came and word around the university spread like fast about the weekly Friday night party. Lily and I had gone a few times before, but it was never as exciting as that one high school party I went to junior year. Let's just say we don't ever talk about it, but the memories will live on forever.


"Hello?" I answered the phone as I walked out of my last class for the day,

"What are you doing tonight? You never answered my texts." Harry said in a rushing tone.

"Uh… I don't know, why?"

"Do you wanna go out for dinner? Nothing too fancy. Just dinner."

"Yeah that'll be great."

"Pick you up at seven?" he asked.

"Why are you rushing?" I unlocked the car and stepped in, putting my books in the back.

"I have a meeting in like a minute sooo…"

"Harry! Hurry up we have to get going!" I heard Liam yell.

"Or now," Harry corrected himself. "Seven?"

"See you then. Have fun at your meeting."
"As if that'll ever happen," he groans and I laugh. "Love you Harry."

"Love you more. See you."

I turned on the car and drove out of the parking spot, getting spam texts from Lily.

Go grocery shopping we need food


Niall's coming over later and he'll kill me if we don't have food

I'm already at the apartment






Ill tell harry to break up with you

No never mind that's not very nice


Are you still in class woops

I groaned hitting my head on the backseat, dialing her number.
"Stacey where the hell were you?!" she shrieked.

"Uh… I just got out of class."


"Yeah, it's Friday."


"What's missing?"

"Ice cream, milk once again, apples, uhh… hey can you get like pasta or something and chicken?"

"Cooking dinner for mister lover boy tonight?" I laughed.

"Shut up you know I'd rather have pizza."

"Yeah anything else?"

"Brownie mix and eggs gracias."

"Fine. See ya."


I looked through the pasta aisle looking for the brand Lily specifically told me to get. I grabbed two boxes and put them in the cart.

"Chicken, pasta, milk," I looked at the stuff thinking of what else she told me to get. "Apples," I told myself.

"Stacey!" I whipped my head around hoping it wasn't someone asking for Harry's number. That happened almost every time I would shop here, They were nice people, just the fact that they keep asking me the same person.

"Hey Lea!" I smiled as she walked over.

"I didn't know you shopped here. I come a lot and never see you."

I laughed. "Yeah, this is my place to shop. Where's Carter? I'm pretty sure I've never seen you without him."
"Oh, he's back at the flat getting ready for the party we're throwing tonight. I just came here to buy last minute stuff."

"Oh, that must seem fun."

"Yeah! You should come with Harry if he's available. Or with your friend, Laura?"


She shook her head. "Oh sorry. I'm not that good with names."

"It's okay no worries."

"But you should! I'm pretty sure Carter told Harry about it and I think he said yes, but I'm not so sure."

"No it's okay, Harry and I are going out tonight anyways."

"Oh." A frown appeared on her face.

"Thank you for the invite though. Maybe next time."

"Yeah," she smiled, obviously upset. "Next time."


I grabbed the apples and headed out to check out, quickly thanking the cashier before I finally headed back to the apartment. I texted Lily to help carry the stuff upstairs and she hurridly ran down.

"Hurry up Niall's coming in an hour and a half and I have food to make for that poor guy!"

"Woo what love does to somebody."

Lily stopped on the stairs causing me to almost bump into her. "Hey! Watch where you're going."

She turned around. "Stacey. I'm pretty sure love has attacked you more."

"Shut up you know you have the cuter love story here." I groaned and passed her, beating her to the door. I unlocked it and set the food on the table, pouring myself a glass of apple juice.

Lily grabbed a pan and began making dinner. "Oh please I'm not dating my celebrity crush who happens to be my favorite person I the world even before I met him."

"So you're saying Niall isn't your favorite person in the world? Are you implying that I am!" I gasped.

Lily glared at me. "Miller we all know that nobody likes you."

I laughed. "Ah Lily. I'm telling you this is what love does to somebody."

"Will you just shut up."


"Is Harry taking you out tonight?"


"Seven," I told her. "But you know, I should just cancel and babysit you two I mean-."

"Haha very funny."

"You're still making me pasta."

"But you're going out?"

"Just go get ready for you little date tonight."
"Is tonight some special occasion for you and Niall? I mean every time he comes over all I smell is pizza." I wiggled my eyebrows.
"No!" Lily's face turned bright red and she threw the box at me. I jumped off the chair and headed to the bathroom, laughing. "Whatever you say Hunter!"


Niall arrived at 6:45 right when Lily had just put the pasta and chicken in the oven. Good timing right? I sat on the couch with Niall while Lily was finishing up with the brownies. The next thing I know the clock had read 7. Then 7:15. Then 7:20. No text, call, or sign from Harry.

"Where's Harry?" we were in the kitchen while she set up the table, taking the pasta out of the oven. Niall was still on the couch watching some soccer game on the TV.

I shrugged. "I don't know he was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago. He's probably just running late. Sorry if I'm crashing your time with Niall."
"It's okay. You're not crashing anything."

"I'll just go try and text him or something."

"Are you okay?" Lily was concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I smile and grab my phone off the counter, walking to my room. I sat down on my bed and called Harry. It rang but never answered. Ten minutes later I called him, still no answer. I texted him and grabbed my jacket and car keys, heading out the door.

I sat in the driver's seat, waiting for some simple text from him. I called him a few more times, and it went directly to voicemail. I threw my phone in the seat next to me and leaned against the wheel. Where could he be?

Could he be at the party that Lea and Carter were throwing? Lea did say she thinks he told Carter that he was going. I grabbed my phone and dialed in Lea's number.

"Hey! Sorry I can't get to your call. Just leave a message or text me and I'll call back later!" her voicemail cheered.

I sighed. Might as well and go to their place to find out. The drive took longer than usual, as it was weird because there wasn't as much traffic as London has. Nearing their house I saw a mass of cars parked around their house. I parked a bit further than everyone else and walked the block to the house. Before I walked inside I looked around trying to spot Harry's car. I spotted it, and it seemed like it glowed in the dark.

It hurt, it honestly did hurt that he would ditch me for some stupid lame party. The door was unlocked, and I opened it, the music immediately giving me a headache as I walked in. It was louder than usual. Nobody noticed my entrance and I was glad. I walked around the tight crowded house, looking for Harry, or even Carter and Lea.

"Ooh look at you sexy."

I turned around and a guy grabbed my arm. "See you're all alone at the party. A sexy girl like you shouldn't be alone." He slurred.

I wiggled my arm out of his grip. "Leave me alone. I'm here with my boyfriend."

He smirked. "So Ms. Sexy has a boyfriend?"

"Just leave me alone." I pushed past him, looking back to make sure he wasn't following me.

I walked to the kitchen passing three couples getting all over each other. Hearing the door open I made my way outside where a group of friends were playing spin the bottle. Not spotting Harry I went back inside. As soon I stepped foot in the living room I immediately recognized the curly hair head and Lea's bright red hair.

As I walked closer I noticed a girl trying to hit on him, and I felt myself tense. Harry pushed her off and sat on the couch.

"Leave me alone Marissa."

"But why?" she whined, obviously drunk. She sat down next to him, too close. Lea laughed and leaned against Carter.

"I told you I have a girlfriend."

"But you're at a party. And I don't see a girl with you."

"Doesn't mean she's here," he snapped back.

"But Harry… she wouldn't know." If Marissa wouldn't take her hands off my boyfriend in the next five seconds she would sure get sent to the ER tonight.

Harry groaned and stood up, walking to the kitchen. I followed him, pushing through drunk people.

Harry grabbed a water bottle from the pantry and leaned against counter for a minute.

"Oh shit." I heard him say and he fished his phone out of his pocket. He dialed in a number and put the ear on his phone. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I peeked at it and saw Harry's face calling me. I ignored it and walked behind Harry and putting my arm around his back.

"Hey," I whispered.

Harry's head snapped to my direction and he looked back at his phone, then back at me.

"What are you doing here?"

I shrugged. "I bumped into Lea at the store today and she told me about the party she and Carter were throwing tonight. She also mentioned that Carter told you about it and you said you were going, and when you didn't pick me up I thought that you'd be here."

"Stacey I'm so sorry I totally forgot and-"

"Hey, hey it's okay." I patted his arm. "But I am surprised to see you not drunk."

He smiled. "I wasn't in the mood tonight. I don't even know why I came here in the first place. Oh and Stacey?"


"Did you happen to see some girl all over me. If you did she was the one hitting on me I promise I wasn't hitting on her it's just that she I  don't know she was also drunk and she doesn't know how to stop and… why are you smiling?"

"I know."

"You know what?" He was too confused.

"I believe what you just told me."

"You do?"

"I know about Marissa."

"How do you know her name? I told you her name?"

"I saw you."
"You saw me?"

"I saw you stood up for yourself back on the couch."

"Oh. You did?"
I nodded. "If she had her hands on you for another second she would've probably been in the ER right now."

He laughed. "I need to go to the loo, I'll be right back. Stay here?"

I nodded.
"Look who decided to show up!" Lea exclaimed and hugged me. I hugged her back and smiled. "I was just joining Harry."

"Aw you two are inseparable!"
"And what about you and Carter?"

She blushed. "We're stuck like glue! Hey there's a song called that! What's the song called?" Lea was way over drunk. "Anyways, do you want a drink? I came here to get Carter one."

I shook my head. "No thank you. I'm just waiting for Harry and then we're going to head out."

"So soon?" she pouted.

"Yeah, but we'll hang out soon?"

"Yeah of course! Of course! See you soon Stacey!" she grabbed the drink and joined her boyfriend in the living room.
"Wellll lookie here. Ms. Sexy still doesn't have her boyfriend with her." The guy from outside grabbed a bear from the fridge and leaned against the counter, smirking at me. "You don't have a boyfriend do you?"

"Yes, I do."

He looked around. "Nope. I don't see a boy for Ms. Sexy. What's your name babe? Or do I have to keep calling you Ms. Sexy. It suits you quite well." He winked at me and I felt like puking.

"You don't need to know my name."

"But Ms. Sexy, I'm pretty sure your name is sexy." He stepped closer to me and I took a step back  bumping in the cooler. I stepped around it, but he still followed me.

"So tell me your sexy name, babe. So I can moan it in-"
"Leave me alone. I told you I have a boyfriend."
"I don't see one." He said and set his beer bottle on the counter.

"She does have a boyfriend now back off before you end up getting your poor beaten up ass sent to the hospital." I heard Harry's voice behind me and he protectively put his arm around me.

"So… you're dating the famous Harry Styles here?" he smirked. "I'm pretty sure you can find someone better than him."
"Don-" Harry began but I cut him off before he could do something to get him arrested.

"It's okay Harry just ignore him. Come on let's go." I pulled his arm towards the front door.

Harry glared at him as we walked out of the house while the guy just smirked at the two of us.

"Harry it's okay. Nothing happened." I put my hand on his cheek and I could feel him relax under my touch.

"I just don't like seeing people hurt you or anything."

"Now I guess you see how I felt like seeing Marissa all over you," I joked.

"Yeah I guess." Harry said. "And I'm sorry again. For ditching you I guess."

"It's okay Harry. Come on, let's go home and crash Lily and Niall's date." I told him to lighten the mood.

"Where are they?"

"At the apartment. Lily was making some dinner for him."

"Make sure they aren't doing anything inappropriate!" Harry opened the door of his car while I headed to mine.

"Text Niall and I'll text Lily!" I laughed.


We stopped by McDonalds and ate a quick dinner before heading back to the apartment. I knocked on the door before unlocking it and stepping inside. Niall and Lily were cuddled up on the couch watching some movie. They both had their eyes closed, asleep.

"We should wake them up," Harry whispered in my ear.

I shook my head and slapped his arm. "No, don't ruin this cute moment!"

"Fine," he groaned and took his phone out taking a picture of them. He posted it on twitter with the caption, 'look at them two idiots in love. Such a lovely annoying couple… xx'

I laughed and pulled him into my room, not wanting to wake them up. "Come on, let's watch something on my laptop."

"But we should really wake them up." He pouted but showed a smile.

"You want them to do that to us then?"

He thought about it. "It could be fun."

"Trust me Harry, I know Lily. They'll come up with something even worse."

"So? It'll be fun."

"Shut up Harry. You're so annoying."

"But you love me."

"Hey!" Harry yelled and I covered his mouth. "Harry you're gonna wake them up?"

"So? I'll yell even louder," he mumbled in my hand. He yelled in my hand, and I slapped him on his arm. "Harry!"

He fell back on the bed, laughing hysterically. He pulled me on top of him and kissed the top of my head.

"You know you love me Stacey. You just don't want to admit it."

"Yeah sure." I mumbled and reached for my pillow.

"Night Stacey!" he yelled again, laughing. I couldn't help it but laugh with him.


I KNOW IT'S BEEN SO SO SO LONG and im sooo sorry. school has been a little rough this year and also i couldn't find the words to write. so i took a break from it and i tried writing last week, and the words slowly began to come back to me. i hope you like this chapter!! and again im so sorry for the wait ((ps thank you for 900 favorites on the lost kiss???!?!? thats bigger than my school??!? i love you!??))

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