The Annual Family Camping Trip. With...Zayn Malik!?

It was like every year. Leah,her parents,her brother Gorge, and her 2 annoying twin brothers Jake and Timmy, going on their annual family camping trip. They called it, the Harrison Family Camp. Of course, Leah hated it, so she decided to go roam around the camp sight. When she finds the boys of one direction shooting a music video! She also catches the eye of the fab 1D guy, Zayn Malik. Her dream celebrity crush. What will happen when she talks to them? Will she find her first true love? Find out in this story. . .


1. My little surprise.

Leah POV

"MOM! WHERES THE FLASHLIGHT?!" I heard my 13 year old brother Gorge scream from my room. "Its not in here! Get out!" I yell throwing a pillow at him. This happens every year for the past 16 FREAKING YEARS. Our family packs up, goes in a really big, smelly, old, blue van, and drive 3 hours to some forest or whatever. I always sneak out to the other side of the forest. So I don't have to be with them. By them I mean my family. I love them and all but, they can be kinda annoying. And I cant do annoying. Its not how I roll. "Leah Marie are you ready yet?!" I hear my mother shout waking me from my thoughts. "Chill, Im not." I yell throwing my clothes in the suitcase. "Well hurry up! We are gonna leave in 10 minutes!" Mother says as I hear the door closing from downstairs. I go to the bathroom mirror and look at myself. I check my wrists. There they are. Those scars. I grab the makeup and put it all around those scars. No one needs to see those. "Ready." I mumble to myself grabbing the razor. I throw the razor in my suitcase and grab my 3 bags. I go downstairs to find my brother Gorge sitting on the couch texting God knows who. "Come on Gorge." I say walking out the door. I see my father trying to get my brothers Timmy and Jake settled down and into their car seats. "Boys! Get in now or no bug catching when we get there!" My father yells. Looking them straight in the face. I remember when I was 3 and I loved bug catching with my daddy. Yeah, that was when I was Daddy's little girl. Now that there are 3 other kids in the house, my dad stopped paying attention to me. Don't worry, I stopped paying attention to him as well. I jumped all the way in the back and lay on the seats. This was going to be a long trip there. And back. Oh my gosh. 6 hours with these people in this car?! Nuhh Uhh I don't think so! I threw my ipod on and listened to music the whole way there. 

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