Just One More Chance

Things between Hope and Harry were perfect. Until a series of events happen leaving them broken up. Finally, Harry realizes his mistake. But its it's to late and she falls for Louis. Determined to win the love of his life back, Harry does all he can to make Hope realizes their live isn't completely dead. Will Harry lose this fight. Or will he get just one more chance?


2. That One Night

I sit on my couch, thinking about the last few days. Even though he broke my heart in two, I'm still thinking about him. I loved him with all my heart and soul and it still wasn't enough to get him to stop thinking about her. I sigh, but then I remember something and smile. Louis. I know I can always trust that he loves me. At the same time I think of this a memory comes out of nowhere, throwing me for a spin. Flashback: A enter my house, crying. How could he do this to me? I did all I could, but I guess it wasn't enough. I grab my phone and call the person I'm closest to. "Hello?", Louis says. Before I know it, I break down even more, crying harder than ever before."I'm on my way.", is all Louis says, and then he hangs up. I let go of my phone, and i drop down with it on the floor, still crying. Was it me? Could I have been the problem? Or was his head just to high in the clouds to really notice me? All these questions whirl around in my head, and before I know it, Louis walks though my door. This doesn't surprise me, since he has the keys to my apartment. He hauls me up and pulls me into a bear hug. "Let me guess, Harry right?", he says, and I nod, sobbing on his shoulder. I've told him about the other incidents with Taylor, so this didn't seem to surprise him. His hand gently rubs my back, soothing me. I stop crying, and Louis pulls away, looking me in the eyes."I guess I was and never will be enough for him.", I say, sniffling. Louis furrows his eyebrows."Don't say that.", he whispers."Why not?" I mumble, looking down. Louis takes my chin and gently pulls my face towards his."Because your more than enough for me.", and his soft lips meet mine. End of flashback.
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