Just One More Chance

Things between Hope and Harry were perfect. Until a series of events happen leaving them broken up. Finally, Harry realizes his mistake. But its it's to late and she falls for Louis. Determined to win the love of his life back, Harry does all he can to make Hope realizes their live isn't completely dead. Will Harry lose this fight. Or will he get just one more chance?


1. Back In The Past

Harry's POV: I sit at a table at the café, in the worst mood of my life. I've been out of it lately, and I really don't want to think about why. But of course I do when a girl eating chocolate walks by. Chocolate was Hope's favorite. Before I know it, my worst memory comes crashing down and I'm taken back into the past. Flashback: Me and hope sit on the couch. Her head is on my chest and my arms are around her. I'd wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I could die here."Sing to me.", Hope whispers. I smile and start singing her favorite song. When I stop she sighs and plays with my fingers."I'm so lucky to have you.", she says wistfully. "I love you.....", she looks at me with anticipation,"Taylor." Her face goes from confusion to anger. "Really Harry?!?!", she says. "I'm sor-" "Screw sorry!", she says, cutting me off. "Sure the first time its okay, but the seventh? No way." She gets up and walks out door."Hope wait!", I say, getting up. She ignores me and slams the door. I Terry to run after her, but by the time i get out side her car is gone.
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