Banished, Betrayed, Forgotten.

Raven has nothing but herself, a mysterious black cat, and a curious black bird as company as she tries to survive the trials of the dark forest.

Hated, Feared, Chased.

With no where to hide and no others to help her, Raven must fend for herself as she runs from the infamous Widow Queen of the north, who, for the darkest reasons, will stop at nothing to find her.

Angered, Confused, Lied To.

After discovering a dark secret about her heritage, Raven, heart hardened, sets out to find out who she truly is and what connection it seems to have with the Widow Queen.


What Raven doesn't know is that she is the chosen one, the only one, and her very destiny is intertwined with that of the Widow Queen's, a destiny that may end in death.


4. Back Into the Past Pt 2

Cestelli's eyes scanned the area that Raven had been in just the night before. Her belongings were gone as well as the bird who had been accompanying them. A knowing smile found itself on Cestelli's face as he realized what the young woman he knew since birth had done. The girl probably left without me on purpose, thinking me an annoyance rather than an advantage. Before another thought entered his mind, a strong sense of dread filled the man. Suddenly he was seeing through someone else's eyes.


Or rather, Raven's eyes. He could see soldiers, darkling soldiers, leading Raven into what looks like... the Widow Queen's kingdom?!


"What in the sixth sypth has Raven gotten herself into?" Cestelli muttered as the vision ended. Without another word Cestelli morphed into his cat form and flew through the trees towards the darkling kingdom at unimaginable speeds. 


He had to save her at whatever cost.




Heavy footfalls sounded through the forest as the group of soldiers lead Raven to the Widow Queen's domain. By the gods, what have I done?, Raven thought grimly has she looked down at the chains on her hands and feet. This problem could've been avoided if Raven had just been careful enough to bring Cestelli along. Now the only thing she had left was the meager hope that he would come to her rescue somehow. They always had a... special connection, so there was no doubt he knew where she was at the moment. She could almost feel his presence. Feel his presence?,  raven thought to herself, alarmed. Her eyes darted to the trees on her right. Raven saw A dark form slip through the trees. Cestelli!, Raven thought excitedly. She felt like she could smile. The urge to disappeared as his words echoed in her head.




Raven felt a snarl on her lips. I thought you came here to save me, not berate me. She tried her best to speak to him through her thoughts. Even though she had been with Cestelli for many years, she never mastered the art of sphiyn (pronounced sifyin). Sphiyn was the ancient art of speaking through the mind. It was said that only those with a special connection could ever have the ability to practice it. It seemed Raven had a strong connection to Cestelli since they were able to speak to each other over great distances. The art was quite simple, but Raven could never practice it naturally. She was more used to using her mouth to speak rather than her mind. Therefore, when she practiced the art she often made the mistake of speaking the words rather than thinking them.




Cestelli spoke to her mind once more. I am simply letting the truth have it's day my dear. Raven didn't have time to respond before the general, as she had guessed, spotted the black cat. There was no time to react as he pointed in Cestelli's direction and bellowed one command:








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