Banished, Betrayed, Forgotten.

Raven has nothing but herself, a mysterious black cat, and a curious black bird as company as she tries to survive the trials of the dark forest.

Hated, Feared, Chased.

With no where to hide and no others to help her, Raven must fend for herself as she runs from the infamous Widow Queen of the north, who, for the darkest reasons, will stop at nothing to find her.

Angered, Confused, Lied To.

After discovering a dark secret about her heritage, Raven, heart hardened, sets out to find out who she truly is and what connection it seems to have with the Widow Queen.


What Raven doesn't know is that she is the chosen one, the only one, and her very destiny is intertwined with that of the Widow Queen's, a destiny that may end in death.


3. Back Into the Past Pt 1

Raven watched the sun sink below the horizon. It grew steadily darker until the fire Raven made was the only source of light in the forest. After meeting the bird, Raven, Cestelli, and the bird ( who steadfastly refused to get off Raven's shoulder), continued to journey toward Edrin village, where she hoped to find, for at least a couple of days, some shelter and food. Blue eyes dark as night peered at her over the crackling fire. "Where are we headed?"Cestelli asked. The black cat was now in his human form, a skin in which, as Raven remembered, he was always the most comfortable in. With dark eyes, a chiseled jawline, a fitting form, and hair even darker than Raven's, the black cat was considered quite attractive in his human form. It gave many men all the more reason to hate him, for he stole many young girls hearts. Raven waited a moment, pulling herself out of her thoughts before answering. The young woman sighed. "We journey to Edrin, where there might be shelter for us." 


The man across from her raised his eyebrows. "Us?", he said with a slight chuckle "Were you hoping that I would accompany you?" Raven narrowed her eyes at him and released a rather unladylike snort. "Of course not", she said belligerently."I just assumed you'd follow me like you always have." Cestelli chuckled again.

"And I'll keep doing that.", he said. Raven poked at the fire  "So you're going then?", the dark-haired girl asked. She looked up to find the young man's eyes already on her. Cestelli had a serious look, searching her eyes for something, but Raven couldn't possibly know what he could have been looking for. Or did she? The girl looked away awkwardly as he leaned back. "Of course.", he said casually, closing his eyes and resting his head against a tree.


Raven got off the log she was sitting on and laid down among the leaves, where she too rested her head against a tree. "We leave after sunrise.", she said quietly, but her words didn't reach Cestelli's ears, for he was already asleep. The bird on her shoulder hopped off of her and found comfort in the branches above. Finally, Raven thought as she absentmindedly rubbed her shoulder, I can rest peacefully. Her thoughts drifted and her eyes closed as Raven fell into a deep sleep.





The sun shone down through the auburn trees and onto Raven's eyes. She waited for her eyes to adjust, then with a grunt, forced herself off the now warm forest floor. Brushing the leaves off her clothes, Raven glanced over at Cestelli, who was fast asleep. Instantaneously, the bird flew down onto Raven's shoulder, releasing an unnaturally loud squawk.    


She looked back at Cestelli, expecting him to have awakened. He was asleep and in the same position, as if no sound occurred at all. Finally Raven decided that she would just leave him. He would cause trouble and be nothing but a pain in the arse anyways, and if he truly wanted to accompany her, he would find her. The young woman gathered her belongings and set of east towards Edrin village.


As Raven walked off her thoughts drifted toward the Widow Queen. What does that woman want with me? The Widow Queen was the feared ruler of the north and an imminent threat to the southern kingdom Ajdrisla ( pronounced Adrila) . She ruled over the darklings, a species full of hatred and malice who wanted nothing more to expand their empire and bring darkness to the rest of the kingdoms. And the queen, of course was determined to help them in their quest for darkness. Rumors stated that she was the most powerful of all of them, and could kill any man with just her touch. Though no one could ever prove these rumors to be true, for no one dared enter the Widow Queen's kingdom, and those who did never came back alive. What Raven couldn't figure out, however, was why such a powerful woman would want anything to do with a useless girl like her.


In the months of her exile, Raven had been chased down repeatedly by the Widow Queen's soldiers. She had managed to escape them so far, but Raven doubted she can keep it up for long. She was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts when the bird's claws dug into her shoulder without warning. Raven cursed. "What is it now, bird?" A twig then snapped, disrupting the silence of the forest. The young woman turned around wildly. There standing, was a darkling soldier, donned in black. It's teeth stretched in an unnaturally bright and twisted smile, a predator's smile. She turned back only to find another soldier already in front of her. Three soldiers came from both of her sides as she tried to turn the other way. Raven tensed, realizing her predicament and wishing she had been more careful by bringing Cestelli along.


She was surrounded. And there was no way out.


(A/N Sorry it took so long to update! I've been busy. Anyways, enjoy!)


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