Banished, Betrayed, Forgotten.

Raven has nothing but herself, a mysterious black cat, and a curious black bird as company as she tries to survive the trials of the dark forest.

Hated, Feared, Chased.

With no where to hide and no others to help her, Raven must fend for herself as she runs from the infamous Widow Queen of the north, who, for the darkest reasons, will stop at nothing to find her.

Angered, Confused, Lied To.

After discovering a dark secret about her heritage, Raven, heart hardened, sets out to find out who she truly is and what connection it seems to have with the Widow Queen.


What Raven doesn't know is that she is the chosen one, the only one, and her very destiny is intertwined with that of the Widow Queen's, a destiny that may end in death.


2. A New Companion Pt 2

Screams and shouts pierced the stagnant air as the black cat charged. Then the footsteps stopped. Raven didn't want any of it to end in death, but she had no choice, and Cestelli wouldn't have ended it any other way.


Cestelli came to walk alongside her. "I was thinking you would never call, little one." Thank the gods he's talking aloud now, Raven thought. She always hated having him in her head.


"I told you Cestelli, I am no longer a little girl, so you needn't to call me that." The panther-like creature sighed.


"You used to enjoy my company."


Raven frowned. "That was before I knew what you were, you demon cat."  


"How hurtful you have become, little one." Cestelli said, feigning a look of hurt. Raven gritted her teeth in frustration. She should have known better than to call him, being the lost cause he always was.


A black bird came down from the dark skies and landed on Cestelli's back. It anchored itself well, as if it was always meant to be there. Raven stared at the bird curiously. The bird stared right back, it's intelligent eyes holding her gaze.


"Who's this?", She asked Cestelli, turning to him, his gaze already set on her's. 

"I'm not sure.", Cestelli commented casually, looking back on the bird, "She just keeps following me."  Raven raised her eyebrows. 

"She?" Cestelli gave her a look. " Don't tell me the bird doesn't seem like she to you." Raven shrugged. "I have more important things to think about." The bird, with a sudden flourish, took off and landed on Raven's shoulder. Raven cringed as the bird's claws dug into her shoulder. It was quite large, and not only was it's claws sharp, but it was undeniably heavy. Oh how unfortunate, Raven thought. "Shoo bird, go away", she said while trying the shove the bird of her shoulder.


The bird would only stare in response.


Raven cursed. "Go away, you damned bird!" She gave one final shove, and finally the bird flew off. Raven smiled in victory, a smile the quickly ended when the bird gracefully flew and landed on her other shoulder. Cestelli chuckled as Rave struggled to get rid of the bird. "I think she likes you.", he said with a grin.


Raven could only glare. 

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