Banished, Betrayed, Forgotten.

Raven has nothing but herself, a mysterious black cat, and a curious black bird as company as she tries to survive the trials of the dark forest.

Hated, Feared, Chased.

With no where to hide and no others to help her, Raven must fend for herself as she runs from the infamous Widow Queen of the north, who, for the darkest reasons, will stop at nothing to find her.

Angered, Confused, Lied To.

After discovering a dark secret about her heritage, Raven, heart hardened, sets out to find out who she truly is and what connection it seems to have with the Widow Queen.


What Raven doesn't know is that she is the chosen one, the only one, and her very destiny is intertwined with that of the Widow Queen's, a destiny that may end in death.


1. A New Companion Pt 1

Raven's feet barely touched the ground as she fled through the forest. That cursed Widow Queen found her again. She really thought she was safe this time. Well that's the last safe house Raven had. The gods truly favor me, Raven thought to herself. An arrow whizzed past her as the heavy footsteps of the queen's soldiers drew closer. Raven cursed as it hit a tree close by. That was too close, and Raven had come to far to be killed now of all times.


The soldiers drew even nearer and Raven knew it was time to find a way to lose them. Outrunning them won't work, and Raven couldn't risk getting caught. Raven gritted her teeth as she realized who she had to call. "Cestelli", she called to him softly, "I need some help."


"Whatever you wish, little one" a voice said in her head.


Then there was a great roar.



(A/N Sorry it was so short. This is just a bit of a tryout, and I wanted to see what you guys think. I promise the next chap will be longer.)

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