So Lonely

(This is"Is This Just A Dream Part 2 but I decided to give it another name)
Evi planned for Rainchel to hang with Harry for a day and her to hang with Niall for a day.But when Harry takes Rainchel to the bar.Harry gets drunk and tries to make out with her.When Niall opened the door.Evi and Niall started to tear up.Because Harry almost kissed Rainchel in the lips.READ WHAT HAPPENS NEXTS...


5. The Ladies Room...

Rainchel P.O.V

When i finished half  of my plate told Niall "Be right back going to the lady's room."i said standing up and getting my bag"ok."niall said while taking another bite out of the i went inside the lady's room i saw....CRYSTAL with SUSAN her cousin she used to be the sweatest girl ever but crystal started rubbing of on her."hey theres the dumbass Rainchel."crystal said while laughing like the witch she is."says the gurl that always gets C's,D's,and F's.on her report card."i said."How does Niall Fucking like u  dumbass!!"crystal said.i started falling down to the floor crying,"u little pussy.''crystal said laughing and leaving the ladies room.i keeped crying -alot.the/make-up that i had on got destroyed.Crystal came back and said"ur such a pussy rainchel and u fucking wear glasses hahaha!!!""like u dont."i have better eyesight now bitch!!"crystal yelled"get the fuck out crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"i yelled"make me bitch." i had a gun on me just in case-JUST IN CASE theres a burgerler.i pointed it at her.she started screaming"a crazy maniac!!"like a billion times.i explained everything to the police y i had it and y i pointed it at her.they gave me a and niall went to the car.i explained to niall what happened in the ladys room.

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