So Lonely

(This is"Is This Just A Dream Part 2 but I decided to give it another name)
Evi planned for Rainchel to hang with Harry for a day and her to hang with Niall for a day.But when Harry takes Rainchel to the bar.Harry gets drunk and tries to make out with her.When Niall opened the door.Evi and Niall started to tear up.Because Harry almost kissed Rainchel in the lips.READ WHAT HAPPENS NEXTS...


7. Teasing,and,Laugher

Rainchel P.O.V.

I went inside the apartment.elli and evi were laughing.Are u fucking kidding.i bet they saw me and niall kiss."I saw u and niall kiss." elli said laughing.she is the only one with dirty blond hair(curly)i have the darkest hair.and eyes."yeah rainchel."evi said."stop making fun of me!!"i yelled."were not making fun."evi said"yeah we are."elli said.''shhh...."evi said to elli while putting her finger on her lips.I went to my room.threw my purse to the bed.laid there watching television.i could still hear them laughing.

i put all the blanket covers ontop of me and got my phone and put the song ''DNA''by little mix.



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