So Lonely

(This is"Is This Just A Dream Part 2 but I decided to give it another name)
Evi planned for Rainchel to hang with Harry for a day and her to hang with Niall for a day.But when Harry takes Rainchel to the bar.Harry gets drunk and tries to make out with her.When Niall opened the door.Evi and Niall started to tear up.Because Harry almost kissed Rainchel in the lips.READ WHAT HAPPENS NEXTS...


10. I GOT DRUNK!!!!!!!!

-Harry P.o.V-

she looked beautiful but not as beautiful as EVI.    ;) WINK.SO I decided to go to the bar.well harry Edward styles do not dare get drunk and start making out with different women I never ment I my life.ok were here raichel looked confused.i think she didn't dring maybe.maybe .I never said she didn't but maybe.she didt take drugs drink or smoke."do u drink?'i asked."no me evi and elli don't drink."she said "oh well just dance I guess."i said'ok"she said as we went iside the bar.she ust danced crazy until I see another man about touch her.and nobody is gunna touch my girlfriends best I went up to him but it was to late he already slapped her butt she got really mad.i went up to him and"why the fuck are u touching her ass niga go fuck off I don't want u near her or me or her best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I yelled"what are u gunna do about it bitch.shes not ur girlfriend.''the stranger said "shes my girlfriends  bestfriend bitch now go fuck of!!!!!!!!!!!"I he left I went to the guy and drank some cold beer.i drank and drank util I was drunk.


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