So Lonely

(This is"Is This Just A Dream Part 2 but I decided to give it another name)
Evi planned for Rainchel to hang with Harry for a day and her to hang with Niall for a day.But when Harry takes Rainchel to the bar.Harry gets drunk and tries to make out with her.When Niall opened the door.Evi and Niall started to tear up.Because Harry almost kissed Rainchel in the lips.READ WHAT HAPPENS NEXTS...



Evi P.O.V

I didn't sleep last night.I was desperate.Why would Harry do that to me??I loved him.I guess he didn't love me back. Well who cares about him he tried to do sex with my best friend sence kindergarten.well were not dating anymore.and me rainchel aren't bffs NEVER gunna talk to her.i started to cry.He told me he loved me.What a LIE!!!rainchel told me she would never do that.THats ALSO a LIE.i HATE THEM!!!I got my phone.went in my contact list.Rainchel.DELETE.Harry.DELETE.Thats better.I started to cry even more.

Elli P.O.V

I went to evis house.i saw her mom.i asked her were she was and if I could go in.i went in her room.she was crying.i sat in her bed.her phone was in her phone.i checked.she deleted rainchel and harry.i stared at her.she dosent now im there.i touched her.she put her head up scared.

Evi P.O.V

I look at elli. and say"HOLY CRAP U SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!!"'LOL REALLY IM SORRY"ELLI GIGGLED.''hell yeah.''i said as we both giggled.then I remembered harry and rainchel.then I started to cry."evi harry was drunk that's why he tried to have sex with her.u know how harry is.he gets drunk and starts having sex with the first girl he sees.''elli said.i got to amid it I wanted to burst out of laughter.until I couldn't hold it anymore.i laughed my ASS of.then I fanally calmed dowm and said.''yeah I guess ill put rainchels and harrys number back."i got up from my bed and got a had all my friends numbers.wear is harrys.found it.i wrote harrys number and put it in my contact.i knew rainchel by memory so yeah I wrote it to.

'thank u for cheering me up."i said as I gave elli a hug."its ok bye.''elli said'bye."i said'bye.'elli said.we always have each others backs.

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