So Lonely

(This is"Is This Just A Dream Part 2 but I decided to give it another name)
Evi planned for Rainchel to hang with Harry for a day and her to hang with Niall for a day.But when Harry takes Rainchel to the bar.Harry gets drunk and tries to make out with her.When Niall opened the door.Evi and Niall started to tear up.Because Harry almost kissed Rainchel in the lips.READ WHAT HAPPENS NEXTS...


6. Breaking News

Elli P.O.V

I turened the t.v on.i saw rainchel and crystal on the news.what the fuck happened.what did rainchel and evi looked at each she in jail.oh my

Evi P.O.V

when i saw rainchel and crystal i got badly.OMFG.*knock*as i opened the door their was Niall and Rainchel.oh my god she isnt in jail."u arent in jail."i asked"wat how why when and who."rainchel asked."ur on the news."i said."oh that..."rainchel said."what?"i asked.

Rainchel P.O.V

i explained wat happend in the ladies room.

they were like omg omfg oh my ect

Niall P.O.V

i was about to leave i called rainchel she closed the door i kissed her.everytime i kiss her or touch her it fells like magic

Rainchel P.O.V


niall p.o.v


rainchel POV


niall pov

i stopped kissing her and we said our goodbyes.and left.


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