Lost in your arms

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC Its about a girl called " marie soto " who was a famous singer worldwide but she was different . She has a secret nobody can know . But what if one boy came in her life and chage everything . Read it to find about marie and this boy more :) mature contenent +13 , sexual contenent .


1. Who I Am and a Secret

  Hello i'm Marie! I'm a singer and I think everyone knows me in UK. But no one knew my past and nobody can know. Well here is my past. When I was younger, before being famous, I was just a teen who was a troublemaker like other teens but my life was different. In my house I was always beat up by my abusive dad. But one day I was coming from school and I was entering my house when I hear a loud screamand I ran into my room and locked my door cuz I knew my dad was drinking again and the scream was because he didn'tt have more . I quickly start packing my clothes and everything I have. I throw everything out the window and was about to jump when my door cracked open my dad pulled me to the bed and start unbuttoning my shirt . I always kept a knife in the back of the pillow so I stretched my hand and looked for it. I  finally found it and grabbed it, but it was to late, my dad already raped me. I let the tears stream down my face and I decide to not deal with it anymore. I  grabbed  the knife and pressed it  against his chest chest. H e stopped  and looked  at me for  a minute and said " Stupid bitch how could you?! I gave you everything " He fell to the ground. And I whispered to myself " You did... but not love like other fathers give to their daughters " I grab the knife and jump out the window and  call a taxi and went to a hotel . I got signed in and went to my room. I unpack and went lay down in bed. I  close my eyes and begin a new beggining of my life.


( I hope you guys liked it, coment what u think . Thanks for reading )


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